We all want to look stylish and elegant, but not all of us are #blessed with a huge closet filled with designer duds or a dresser loaded with expensive skincare products and makeup. Still, if there's a will, there's a way. Below, we teach you how to fake it 'till you make it.

1. Hair
Pick a hairstyle that is face-flattering and low-maintenance. This way, you won't need to spend at least an hour to look presentable. It also helps if you keep your 'do frizz-free and polished by taming cowlicks and flyaways with hair serums. We know that you love how celebs sport sexy, messy hair, but that hairstyle is tricky—if you haven't mastered the right technique, you'll look like someone who just literally rolled out of bed.

2. Makeup
Start with a lightweight base that hides flaws yet still lets your skin show and properly groomed brows, then select another a facial feature you want to highlight. You may choose a bright lip with perfectly curled lashes, or a champagne wash on the lids finished off with a winged liner.

3. Outfit
Favor basics—you can never go wrong with them. Slip on pieces that embrace the right curves and fit your body well. Jazz them up with classic accessories with refined details. Stay away from anything too flashy because these items tend to fall under the fast fashion category, which means they'll soon be out of style.

4. Scent
To possess the scent of elegance, spritz on clean or floral fragrances. When we say clean fragrances, these give off crisp, citrus notes. If you prefer floral perfumes, choose those that have a powdery base note for a whiff of sophistication. You can also never go wrong with classic, well-loved perfumes (not the body sprays you loved in your college days) that have been best-sellers for years.

PHOTO: Stocksnap/Nathan Walker


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