There's no doubt about it: Heart Evangelista has mastered the art of traveling in style. 

For the past few months, the actress has been jetting off from one country to anotherand she never fails to look extremely classy while doing so. You'll see her in floral dresses one day, and a blouse-and-pants combo on another day, completely accessorized with all sorts of coats, bags, and heels. That said, one thing is clear: Heart is not one to pack light, which got us wondering, how does she efficiently pack for a trip? 


In an interview with Female Network at the opening of Loewe’s first stand alone store at Shangri-La Plaza, the actress gladly shared her packing tips, along with how she carefully plans her OOTDs, and here's what we've learned: 

1. She puts her outfits per day in clear, resealable bags.

“Vacuum [sealing] is always the key,” Heart shared when asked how she makes all her clothes fit into her suitcase. "We have a machine, we put [each outfit per day] in a Ziploc, and that does the trick."

Air takes up a huge chunk of space in your suitcase, so this packing hack basically uses a special vacuum to compress clothes and get rid of excess air. Heart swears by this as it helps her neatly and tightly pack all her outfits into her suitcase. 

watch now

In case you need a demo, here's how vacuum sealers work: 

2. She plans her travel outfits a week before the flight

According to Heart, carefully planning her clothes per day helps her avoid overpacking. “I pack per day and I take photos as well," she adds. When asked how many clothes she packs per day, Heart reveals, "My gosh. It depends but it’s usually three outfits a day."

3. She avoids bringing "outfit options" 

Deciding what clothes to bring and what to leave behind is no easy feat, so you probably end up bringing excess clothes "just to be prepared". Heart, on the other hand, notes that she doesn’t prepare options as it’s another way to leave space for new items that she’ll be shopping for. “'Cause usually when you travel, you also buy something so okay 'na yon. As much as possible, I just try [to pack] sakto lang."


4. She brings bags in various sizes

Heart normally packs four bags when traveling. When asked if she prefers wearing purses or handbags, she replies, “I love both. It depends how I feel. It depends what shoes I’m wearing. If they’re not so high then I’ll wear the small bag then if they’re really high, I’ll wear the big bag." 


5. She picks her totes with care

"Sometimes, I like going for neutral [bags], which I’ll wear when I’m done with work then other times, I'll wear colourful ones and also funky ones." But, of course, packing has its limits. "I try not to bring as much bags," Heart confesses. 


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