First meetings are always memorable, and FN’s first with Benefit Cosmetics Global Beauty Authority Annie Ford Danielson was quite like our first (as it probably was and still is for a million other girls as well) with the brand itself. There was instant camaraderie, like we've been good friends for years. As the daughter and niece of Benefit’s founders, Annie (and her sister Maggie who is having a baby and thus couldn’t come) is the perfect person to represent Benefit. She’s bubbly, quirky, and game for anything, and she even took part in a skit to save a poor girl from large pores top deck on a yacht in Manila Bay.

It sounds like a scene straight out of a SpyGal issue, but then dressing up, going on yachts, and saving the day may not be too far off from Annie’s actual job description. “You know exciting doesn’t even begin to describe it,” Annie says. “There’s no such thing for me as a typical day because I travel so much that I could wake up in San Francisco just as easily as I could wake up in London.”

With Benefit in over 40 countries, it’s definitely not an exaggeration. Annie travels a lot and her main mission is to spread Benefit love wherever she could. Even while jet-setting, however, the beautiful brunette never forgets to take care of her skin. For one, she never wears makeup when she has to get on a plane. “Only because I think that you know planes are already so dehydrating and so dry that you need to kind of let your skin just be,” she explains.

She’s also a big believer in doing a bit of research on any place she has to go to. “Know what works for you, know what your skin is going to react to and how it’s going to react because you can’t wear the same thing here as you would in, you know, in somewhere that’s very dry, it’s very different atmosphere.”

Here in the Philippines where the climate is a bit more humid, Benefit’s Global Beauty Authority definitely recommends investing in a perfect primer, a lightweight foundation, tints, and long-lasting brow and mascara products.

When she’s not traveling, however, Annie could be found in the San Francisco office—a replica of the gorgeous Benefit stores times a thousand in size. “It’s like a penthouse of a huge office building in San Francisco. We have two massive floors. When you come in and the minute you get out of the elevators, it’s like you’re in a boutique. In the lobby, you have a whole kind of gondola with all Benefit products , and there’s hundreds of chandeliers, and then you turn and you go in to the office, and you have floor-to-ceiling views of the entire bay of San Francisco.”

“It’s unbelievable. It’s really a beautiful, beautiful place to work. We’re very spoiled,” she gushes. So are we, Annie. So are we.

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