What is the appropriate response when someone compliments your dress? "Thanks..." A) "I got it at (insert store name here)." B) B) "It has pockets!!!!" Ding ding ding! We have a winner! Such a response is usually accompanied by sticking your hands inside said pockets, just to prove they do exist. All jokes aside, there's nothing quite as handy as a dress with pockets. Dresses are (secretly) the lazy girl's best friend-you can slip them on without a second thought and you don't even have to think of what bottoms to wear. And then you add pockets to the mix, which means less space taken up in your bag, a place to put your hands, and a handy holder for your phone. Pure genius.


Here are 10 dresses with pockets you can shop now:

1. Anilo Dress

P1,590, Solana, available online

We can't take our eyes off the gorgeous backless design on this A-line dress from local brand Solana. The chic, boho-style material comes in dark gray, light lavender, fresh cream, and pastel blue. Pair it with some cute slides for a look that's perfect for Sunday brunch.


2. Suzy

P800, Twill Cavern, available online

This pretty frock from Twill Cavern sports 2019's color of the year in a soft hue. Who knows? It might just bring you good luck! The ribbons on the shoulders and waistline will give your look a delicate, feminine touch. It'll look great paired with dainty stud earrings and other tiny accessories.


3. Beyond25 Camilla Dress

P2,998, Plains & Prints

Who says formal dresses can't have pockets? Wear this asymmetrical maxi dress from Plains & Prints' Beyond25 line to your next big event. It features a unique abstract pattern that's sure to make you stand out from the crowd. We know that fancy clutch you bring to formal occasions can't hold all your essentials, so the pockets on this piece will be a total lifesaver.


4. Oversized Printed Dress

P3,295, Zara

An oversized dress like this one from Zara is perfect for when you want to be all dressed up, but know you'll be eating a big meal. The bold pattern and colorway are reminiscent of 1960s mod fashion and will have you turning heads. Plus, the loose fit will ensure that no one will notice that you secretly stuffed all your belongings in your pockets.


5. Short Shirt Dress

P2,295, Mango

This shirt dress from Mango has the same casual elegance as a sleek button-down shirt, but with all the benefits of a dress-a.k.a no pants. You can dress it up with some bold colored heels (the cream shade will go with anything!) or dress it down with your go-to sneakers. You'll love slipping the loose, lightweight material on when it's humid out.


6. Shirred Midi Dress With Straps

P1,895, Pull&Bear

Peep the silhouette of this midi dress from Pull&Bear: tight on the bodice, but loose from the waist down--perfect to show off your curves while hiding your post-lunch bloat. It's got two huge pockets right in the front that'll easily fit your phone, wallet, keys, and other necessities--who needs a bag when you've got this dress?


7. Asha Honi Dress

P1,800, Meraki Bowy, available online

You'll love throwing this dress from Meraki Bowy on when you want to look like you tried, but just don't have the time. It's made from a stretchy polyester material that's super comfy on the body and allows the pockets to hold lots of loose items. The ruffled hem gives this one a dainty touch and will draw attention to your legs (and your cute shoes!).


8. Gina Short Dress

P1,499, Cole Vintage, available online

There's something so effortlessly sexy about a loose, white button down. This dress from Cole Vintage is proof. Rock this disheveled-on-purpose, I-woke-up-like-this look with some dainty sandals or slip-on sneakers. You can wear it to work or dress it down for a casual weekend.


9. Fitted Dress

P1,490, H&M

This fitted, button-down dress from H&M reminds us of those cute denim jumpers we all wore in the early aughts. You can put a white T-shirt inside or wear it on its own-it's almost like having two dresses in one. It comes in a quirky mustard yellow shade as well as a vampy deep red.


10. Mercerized Cotton Short Sleeve Dress

P990, Uniqlo

This short-sleeved maxi dress from Uniqlo is the dress version of wearing a T-shirt-reliable, casual, and comfy. Despite its loose fit, you can still show off your shape when you wear it by wrapping a jacket, flannel shirt, or fanny pack around your waist. Plus, it's got small slits on either side of the hem to give your OOTD a subtle allure.


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