Shopping is fun, but when we become too engaged with flashy in-store finds, we forget to use our brains and mindlessly spend all our hard-earned money, only to end up with buyer's remorse and whopping credit card bills. To avoid all this, check out these tried and tested shopping tips from GIRLTalk.

1. Don't settle for less.
If you really want something but are short on budget, don't buy an alternative item—you will eventually regret not having the item you've been planning to acquire. Save up for bigger spending power! - from GIRLTalker Oblina

2. Don't rely on your credit card.
Only spend how much your cash on hand can buy, not how much your credit card can afford to purchase. It's harder to part from cash than from a credit card swipe. If you're set on buying a specific brand and style, don't settle for the next good one. Almost always you'll not be happy with that purchase and will still go back to the original choice, kaya doble gastos, plus the guilt of spending on something that may not be worn or used anyway. Pick a style that goes with your overall appearance. Huwag pilitin pag di bagay. - from GIRLTalker TysLolaKins

3. Wear comfortable clothes.
Wear tank tops na rin so you could easily try on tops and blouses. [Also,] wear comfortable shoes para hindi naman kawawa ang paa at ang legs sa haba ng nilalakad or sa tagal ng ipipila para magbayad. - from GIRLTalker unboreddiva

4. Like leggings.
Wear leggings when shopping lalo na sa mga lugar na puno ang dressing rooms or walang allotment for dressing rooms para you can easily put on and take off pants that you wish to buy. - from GIRLTalker sima

5. Be wary of sale items.
Don't buy because the item is on sale and be wary of sale items because these are usually the last piece. Check the merchandise for any rips or damage... Buy it if it looks good on you and if you would actually wear it. For shoes, buy a pair that would easily match any outfit. Comfort is key make sure that your feet wont hurt. Don't buy any designer knock-offs. - from GIRLTalker candy_tone

6. Take photos in the fitting room.
You'll get to see better how the whole outfit will look on you (Those mirrors in the fitting room can be deceiving at times. I swear! Lol!). Plus you can send it to friends to ask for a second opinion. - from GIRLTalker CoolChick

7. Buy clothes because they look good on you and not because they look good on other people.
Sometimes yan ang mali natin, porke maganda kay person A, bili tayo agad without thinking and checking "Teka, bagay ba to sa akin or magmumukha akong cocoon dito?" Always buy clothes na marami ang purpose. Meaning pwedeng pang-office, pang-gimmick, pang-party. Mas makakatipid tayo nun. - from GIRLTalker chicfabulosa

8. Do not splurge on trendy items.
Talking about those items which will not last all-year round. If I will buy an expensive, branded item, it should be something that will last long. - from GIRLTalker kathwalks

9. Learn to prioritize.
I find it also helps to keep a list of things you need or yung mga priorities mo. I keep a list on my phone according to priority, like wants vs. needs, para pag may nadaanan akong sale, I just whip my list out. [This] keeps my spending focused, somewhat. Like a nudge from common sense. - from GIRLTalker blatherina

10. Don't shop when you're not in a good mood.
May tendency kasi na you'll buy whatever lang tapos you'll then realize hindi mo pala sya ganun ka-gusto or hindi sya fit sa style mo. But then [again], I know some people who shop to make themselves feel good or better. - from GIRLTalker rychel07

*Minor edits have been made by the editors

PHOTO: Pixabay

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