With the daily influx of fashion images, it’s sometimes hard to figure out how to dress yourself, especially if you’re only beginning to find your footing with your fashion sense. But there’s a big difference between fashion and style. If you want to be more timeless, you should put more emphasis on style--it being the measure of how well you can dress yourself. This week, we school you on how you can overcome fashion and how you can let some style into your wardrobe. Read on!

1. Avoid trendy pieces.
Most fashion victims love to pile on trends, resulting in a Christmas tree-like effect. But as a rule, if you have to think twice about the trend, leave it for another season.

2. Dress for your age.
The saying goes, "If you were young enough the first time around, you’re definitely too old the second time."

3. Work with your body.
Look in the mirror and really look at your body. Wear clothes that flatter your shape and size. Always aim for the right fit and well-placed details.

4. Flaunt your assets.
No body is perfect, but with the right clothes, you can fool the eye into seeing the right proportions. Zoom in on your assets and work them appropriately. Nice shoulders? Add a halter neckline into the mix. Hourglass figure? Get something that flatters your tiny midsection.

5. Know your correct size.

Fit is everything. Fit is the fine line between fancy and frumpy. Get in a dressing room (bring an honest friend) and go with what fits. Nothing too tight, nothing too roomy, as both are unflattering and may make you seem bigger than you really are.

6. Figure out a uniform.
We don’t mean something someone from an all-girl Catholic school would wear. Nope, it’s not about the knee high socks or the tartan skirts, but figuring out a timeless combination that you can easily throw on and off when you’re in a pinch. One example? A white button-down paired with jeans is a great staple that looks great on all body types and can suit many different occasions with the right accessories. Think of something you’re comfortable and confident in then reiterate the same outfit in many incarnations.

7. Keep an eye out for trends and who wears them.
How to spot a trend when it’s on the way out? Look at who wears it. Trends usually start on the runway, then trickle down to a fashion-forward influencer (like a celebrity or a model), and finally into mainstream (when you start to see the particular item everywhere).

8. When in doubt, go back to basics.
Trends come and go, but white t-shirts are forever. The easiest way to avoid being a fashion victim is to stock your closet with well-fitting, timeless pieces that will always be a staple in any woman’s wardrobe.

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