Besides the dress code imposed by HR, here are some style details to avoid in the office. You may think that these things are unnoticeable, but they can affect the way you are perceived in the workplace. See our list below to avoid these blunders for good.

1. Statement shirts
Unless you’re working for a creative environment like an agency or a magazine, graphic tees, even underneath a blazer, is a no-no. If you want to express yourself, put on a top with bold prints like chevron or houndstooth.

2. Neon items
The flouro spectrum is best worn at the gym or maybe when you were still your 20-year-old self. Stick to bold hues like royal blue, crimson red, canary yellow, and magenta if you want to add color to your work wardrobe.

3. VPL
It’s never pleasant to see visible panty lines when you’re in a pencil skirt or slim trousers. Invest in nude seamless underwear!

4. Wet hair
It’s highly important to look polished in the office. Showing up to work with wet strands in a meeting implies that you’re unprofessional and you rushed just to make it on time. Wash your hair the night before or if you have extra time in the morning, blow-dry your locks.

5. Dirty shoes
People look down and notice your shoes. If your footwear is dirty or if the leather is flaking off, go buy yourself a new pair, please.

6. Anything that shows too much skin
While plunging tops, sheer clothing, and skimpy skirts may look good on you and flaunt your assets, you’re not going to a party. Be appropriate, and keep your body covered.

7. Ill-fitting clothing
When you wear anything too tight or loose, you look unkempt and shabby. You'll appear polished and look like a top-shot boss when you're in properly tailored clothing. Have your blazer's sleeves and trousers' length properly altered to fit your frame.

SCREENCAP: The Devil Wears Prada/20th Century Fox (2006)

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