1Shopping is fun, but when you're faced with a scary credit card bill, a soon-to-be emptied bank account, or an overstuffed cabinet of clothes, you know you've got a problem. Aside from old-school practices like setting a budget and self-control, here's how you can avoid overspending and making all those impulsive purchases.

Never shop when you’re hungry.
In a study conducted by behavorial scientists, it was observed that hunger instigates purchase. People are more likely to spend to satisfy their empty stomachs. Our tip: Before scouring the racks, grab a bite to prevent impulsive purchases.

Wear clothes and footwear that are hard to remove.
If you're wearing super skinny jeans, you'll need more than a little elbow grease to take them off. Hopefully, this'll be enough to dissuade you from trying something on. The same principle applies to sneakers or boots. Do you really want to un-lace your shoes and remove your socks just for a pretty pair of sandals? So. Much. Effort.

Shop with your boyfriend.
While your man is probably willing to carry your shopping bags for you, going to the mall with him means you're more likely to do things you'll both enjoy. That means less time thinking about taking home a random tank top and one item less on your credit card bill.

Detox your wardrobe.
Do as Marie Kondo does—purge your closet of items that don't spark joy. Those clothes, accessories, makeup products, and shoes you always use are the ones that give you delight. When you get rid of things that aren't on your favorites list, you get to streamline your essentials, and eventually learn to stop yourself from buying stuff you don't really need.

Leave your ATM and credit card at home.
When it's Petsa de Peligro, a.k.a. the day before payday, it's extremely tempting to use plastic money to purchase. It's all an illusion though; it's our mind tricking us into thinking that we have more money than we really do. What's another 24 hours? You can always reserve the item if you really really want it.

Do not shop when you’re dealing with extreme emotions.
Some people resort to retail therapy. When they're lonely, a pile of new clothes tends to fill the void in their hearts, and when they're giddy, they can get trigger-happy and end up buying a lot of things, too. As a gauge, always ask yourself, "Am I buying these shoes because I want them and they look good on me, or do I just want them to pacify my emotions?" Trust us: The shopping high is not worth the credit card bills. Besides, if you really want to charge up your happy hormones, there are other activities you can do.

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