1It may seem immaterial, but wearing the wrong bra size can cause major problems. It won't just affect how your clothes fall on you, but also cause lingering back, shoulder, and neck pain! We strongly recommend getting properly measured and fitted. Not sure if you're wearing an ill-fitting bra? Check out the most common signs below.

1.You feel uncomfortable.
While nothing beats complete freedom, wearing a bra shouldn't feel like a death grip either.

2. You have a quadraboob.
When your boobs keep spilling from the cup of your bra, it's time to go a size up.

3. The underwire feels like it's piercing your body.1The underwire is supposed to lay flat on your bone, not on the breast tissue. If you feel like the wires are digging into your breasts, it's time to move up a bigger cup size.

4. Your straps either fall off or feel too tight.

If the straps keep falling off your shoulder, it's time to go one cup size down. If it's the other way around, get a bigger cup size.

5. Your cups either bunch up and wrinkle or there is excess space between the cup and your breast.

This is a sign that you're wearing a bra with a cup size that's too big for you.

6. You have "back fat."
Pick a bra with a wider band size. For example, from a size 34, move to a 36. Also, a tight bra can leave painful red marks on your body.

7. The band rides up your back.

A quick way to check if your band size is too snug is to see how big or small the allowance is when you pull it away from your body. Anything lesser or looser than an inch requires a different band size.

PHOTO: Instagram @Lingerie Lab; @MissEmily811; @SillyCharlotte

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