1. You’re almost not afraid of anything, and you're okay with getting sweaty, muddy, or even having sugat.
Because those are your badges of honor!

2. But you also know how to play it safe.
Rainy day? You’ve got the best rain gear, so rain, bring it on!

3. Oh, and you’ve probably answered the call of nature in the most unlikely places.

4. You know the importance of using sunblock by heart. Sun damage is real and frightening.

Nivea Moisturising Immediate Protection Face Cream SPF 50, P339; Moisturising Immediate Protection Lotion SPF 50, P304/75ml; P495/150ml
Nivea is available at department stores.

5. You don’t travel just for Instagram purposes. You live for the moment!

6. Your weekends are not limited to going to the mall.
Whether you’re planning to climb a mountain, surf some waves, or just play sports, you’re ready to go! The world is your oyster.

7. You like drinking your coffee or beer with a view.

Because nature helps you recharge faster!

8. You also know what dining out really is like.

9. Your hair is always a mess or in a ponytail and that’s okay!

10. There’s also no point in having your nails done because the polish will just get chipped.

11. But of course, you still know how to put yourself together when the occasion calls for it.

12. You invest in leggings that will help you move better and faster.

Nike Power Speed Tight, P7,295
Nike is available at Bonifacio High Street, Glorietta, and department stores.

13. While most girls collect heels, you collect amazing sneakers that make you feel like you're walking on clouds.

Translation: It answers your need for speed and comfort!

Adidas PureBoost X, P5795
Adidas is available at Power Plant Mall, Bonifacio High Street, Robinsons Las Piñas, Planet Sports branches, Toby's branches, and Olympic World branches.

14. You do not ever want to waste a moment at the beach just chilling because you’d rather be riding the waves or playing water sports.

Why else would you be at the beach?

15. You prefer to experience things rather than receive expensive gifts.
Unless it’s a motorcycle that can take you anywhere—I mean, who would say no to that?

16. Life can never be boring with you.


You love trying new things—it’s part of your adventurous nature.

17. You are independent.
1Having survived tough weather conditions multiple times, you can handle almost anything. You know how to take care of yourself well.

18. You like encouraging people to do their best.
You know how far an individual can go—giving up is never an option!

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