While this method may look advanced for any newbie, color-correcting is worth giving a shot. It doesn't call for precise makeup skills, and it gives you a flawless face without the need to pile on layers of foundation. 

What color-correcting does is the concealer pigment cancels out the unwanted colors on your face. For example, dark blue circles can be camouflaged by peach, orange, and yellow concealers. Brown spots can be covered by yellow. Red zits are masked by green concealers. And if your skin appears puyat, lavender can brighten your complexion in one swipe. All your skin concerns can be erased by color-correcting.

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As mentioned earlier, you don't need to be a makeup expert to pull this off. Just apply the correct concealers on the areas of concern, and then blend until they look seamless. To learn more about this YouTube guru Carlie Bybel shared a beginner-friendly 101 on color-correcting. Watch it below: 

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