article_skin-care-regimen.jpgWhen it comes to a proper skin care regimen, things start off simple. Cleanser followed by toner is pretty
straightforward, right? But how about when eye creams and serums come into play? What do we do then?

On more than one occasion, we've furrowed our brows over the right order to apply skin care products.
Because we're firm believers in a skin care routine that feels like second nature, we've devised the perfect way to know when to apply which: through nifty guides to download and print out!

1_skin-care-regimen.jpgMORNING REGIMEN
Begin your day by washing your face with a gentle cleanser. Follow it up with toner. Wait for this to
dry before moving on to your next step. Once the face is dry, dab eye cream. Doing this step before moisturizer "will actually seal in its active ingredients," explains Dr. Ranella Hirsch. Apply your moisturizer after, followed by sunscreen. Go for lightweight formulas that won't feel heavy in the heat. Now, your skin is ready for makeup!

Your evening regimen starts off the same way your morning routine does: cleanser followed by toner.
Next, apply serum. Serum has active ingredients your skin could absorb while you catch up on your beauty sleep. Wait for this layer to dry before following up with moisturizer (go for one that's thicker and creamier than your daytime option). Moisturizer acts as a barrier that locks up all the ingredients of your previous applications, which is why you apply it last.

Download high-resolution copies of your day and night skin care checklist here.

(Illustrations by Sabrina Lajara)

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