Female celebrities usually find themselves subjected to unsolicited advice about their bodies, so it comes as no surprise that the criticisms sometimes take a toll on their mental health. But it’s 2022, and more and more stars are now putting body-shamers to their rightful place. Case in point: Yassi Pressman throwing shade at a tabloid for publishing an article that reads, “Yassi lumobo tiyan, lumapad balakang.”


Sending a message that her body is no one’s concern but her own, the actress-dancer dished back an epic clapback. In true Yassi fashion, she did it with a TikTok dance! Dancing to the tune of Cozy by Beyoncé, she wrote, “I'm comfortable in my skin, I'm cozy with who I am.

“Here's a vid of me in the middle of a workout, when I saw this—with no makeup and my messy hair cause idc gurl, just do you booboo. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.”

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She also took the time to promote her new venture, an e-sports platform that provides opportunities to Filipino gamers. “How about let's read the first article that used this photo that talks about the platform that we built to provide more opportunities for the Filipinos? >>> @playerseliteguild and all that's coming. Will throw it up in my stories.”

She continued, “[I’m] more than my tummy getting bigger and my hips getting wider. ‘Cause women (and men) can be whatever size they wanna be. But thanks for the compliment.”

So spot on! Instead of responding angrily, Yassi kept her chill and used her platform to educate people that weight isn’t an indicator of someone’s worth, and that body shaming is never okay. Her post clearly inspired her followers, with some cheering her on and even sending sweet messages her way. 

PHOTO BY Instagram/yassipressman
PHOTO BY Instagram/yassipressman
PHOTO BY Instagram/yassipressman

Aww. Keep doing you, Yassi!

This story originally appeared on Preview.ph.
* Minor edits have been made by the Female Network editors.

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