Whether you have on a clean, floral scent or a sensual, musky fragrance, you want your perfume to last all day. Bringing your heavy perfume bottle everywhere for touchup spritzing, however, is going to take a toll on your bag and shoulders, while, spraying it on a million times can do more harm than good. To make sure that you'll smell lovely all day sans the overdose, spray your perfume on these key areas:

Don't spray the fragrance directly on your hair because the alcohol content would damage it. Instead, mist on your hair brush and stroke it on your tresses to distribute the scent evenly.

Back of the ears
Considered a pulse point, or the area where blood-pumping veins are close to the skin, this area produces more body heat than the rest of the body, which can intensify your perfume's fragrance.

Fold of the elbows
Another pulse point, moisturize this area with lotion first before spraying on the perfume to let the scent cling all day.

Behind the knees
This is the lower body counterpart of the folds of the elbows, so it also generates body heat that helps dispense scent particles.

Arch of the back
Spray perfume at least five inches away from the nape down to arch of the back to diffuse the scent smoothly on the body. This technique also allows the perfume to leave a fragrant trail in your wake.

Belly button
In her Into The Gloss interview, Liv Tyler shared that her dad, Aerosmith lead vocalist Steve Tyler, advised her to put on fragrance where the body heats up. Her tip: Leave perfume oil on your arms and belly button.

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