Waxing entails pulling out your hair from its roots. This causes minor skin tears and opens up your follicles more. With this, your skin is more vulnerable in acquiring bacteria and you become more susceptible to infection, especially if your waxing place doesn't adhere to proper sanitary practices. Remember that being wary of your waxing procedures will go a long way! Below, we listed 10 non-negotiables you need to watch out for when going for a waxing session.


1. You should always be asked to fill out a form.

Nope, it's not just for you to know how much your bill is after a treatment. They ask you to fill out a client form to check if you have allergies and existing health conditions and if you're taking medications or currently on your period, which can determine whether or not you're in the best shape to get a wax. Be sure to be honest when filling these out. It's for your own good!

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2. You lay down on a sheet of paper, not cloth.

Laying down on disposable paper sheets rather than on cloth means you're the first and only one to use the said space. But if the salon uses cloth, just make sure it doesn't have any traces of hair or wax drippage.

3. If you're going in for a bikini wax, they should provide you with disposable underwear to wear.

This isn't really a huge deal breaker. But if your salon doesn't offer disposable panties, it's best to bring with you a clean pair of underpants so your follicles will be covered in clean fabric. The hair follicles after a waxing procedure is widely open and sensitive, thus they are more prone to clogging.

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4. They should not leave spatulas in the wax pot.

Double dipping is a big no-no for any waxing salon! Once the applicator has touched your skin, they must be thrown away. The only time it's acceptable is if the wax they placed in the heating pot is meant to be used on you alone.

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5. There should not be any wax spillage in the pot.

In the same thought, spilled wax or dirty rimmed pots show they have not replaced the wax and cleaned the pots. This is an area of concern because it means that they have used these for clients that came before you.

6. The technician must wear gloves.

It's a no-brainer detail. Your technician should wear gloves in the entirety of your procedure. (Those gloves should also be immediately thrown out after to ensure they won't be reused again.)

7. Tweezers should not come from your technician's apron pocket.

They should always be sterilized, so naturally, they should be taken from a clean tray. Just imagine the possible bacteria unsterilized tweezers carry from client to client! Eww! Would you want those to be used on you?


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8. They should know about the press and hold technique.

It's a technique that all technicians should follow. It minimizes skin irritation and calms down the skin after a strip of wax has been pulled out.

9. They shouldn't take too long, and are supposed to know which direction to pull.

Experienced waxers know what they are doing and shouldn't take longer than half an hour. Plus, keep an eye out on which direction they pull the hair. It's always against the grain! Not doing so can cause longer waxing time and will increase chances of having ingrown hair.

10. They should give you instructions for your post-waxing care.

Even if it isn't your first time to go in for a wax, your technician should always remind you how to take care of your waxed areas tailored to the procedure you availed.

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