Besides being a part of a ritzy cocktail, vodka has several beauty benefits. The Russian favorite has an amazing bacteria-slaying property that makes it a good candidate for a beauty product. Scroll down to find out the ways vodka can grant you healthier hair, smoother skin, and fresher breath.

Gloss-Boosting Hair Rinse
Vodka's low pH level is great for battling frizz, even on damaged tresses. Mix a shot of chilled vodka with your favorite hair mask to coat each strand with a brilliant shine. Those with colored or chemically-treated hair, however, should only use this vodka concoction once a week to prevent dryness.

Clarifying Scalp Treatment
You can free your scalp from product build-up and gunk by gently massaging it with equal parts vodka and shampoo. Vidka's cleansing properties will leave your scalp squeaky clean and resurrect your hair’s luster.

Face Toner
Fuse floral essential oils, distilled water, and vodka to create a face toner that will dry blemishes and refine pores. You can also place the concoction in a spritzer and use it as a soothing face mist.

Swish vodka in your mouth (resist from guzzling it!) to freshen your breath. Its anti-bacterial properties can kill bad breath-causing germs in one gargle.

Razor Savior
Soak your razor in vodka immediately after use to disinfect and remove unmentionables from inhabiting the blades. Doing this prevents rusting and keeps your razors sharper for a longer period of time.


PHOTO: Pixabay

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