Actress, endorser, and painter Heart Evangelista has just released a beauty book made for Pinays called This Is Me, Love Marie. After 17 years in showbiz, isn't this just the perfect time to pen a book? "Sa dami ng pinagdaanan ko, my ups and downs—I've been through so much," she tells us. "Curious man [sa akin], fan ko man, basher man, this book is something they could read to get to know me. If they hate me, maybe they'll like me," she says.

In the book, Heart reveals all of the things people have always wanted to know about her, but of course, we can never get enough of this stunner, so here are other things you should know about her.

Apparently, you can get in trouble for being kikay.
Heart admits that her fondness for all things nice has gained her a pool of haters, "I was misunderstood a lot, especially in school, but I uesd it to my advantage when I became an artista."

She further explains, "My first ever role was Missy from G-Mik. Her role was very Alicia Silverstone in Clueless. I loved playing the role because it was very me. I was just being honest and very vocal. I know there a lot of kikay girls that could relate."

Heart then stresses that being kikay is not the issue to focus on, "But, at the end of the day, what's important is what's inside your heart. Yoon lang ang popo-problemahin mo. Yoon lang ang dapat alagaan mo. Feel free to express yourself, so go ahead!"

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She has bigger plans in mind—she wants her own beauty brand.
"It was one of the first ever [projects] I wanted to venture into. Siguro mga six or seven years ago? Definitely pag-iisipan ko, but at this point, I really want to focus on my book, my painting—I have an exhibit in February. I also have a fashion show with Mark Bumgarner. I'll be painting on his couture gowns; maybe around January. I'll launch also my own clutch line, so again, it's designing. Siguro yun na lang muna kasi 'di ko na yata kaya," Heart narrates.

On that controversial question of her going under the knife...
"Never ever ako nagpagawa ng anything on my face!" Heart declares. "I also answered that in the book. Honestly, I'm scared of needles. I'm scared of anything that has to do with anything medical. In fact, my family could attest to that, magkakasakit ako, [pero] 'di talaga ako pupunta ng doctor. Takot na takot ako," she adds. "Maybe it (the speculation) has to do with a lot with proper angling. In this book, I have pictures when I was young, and those with bad angles. You have to choose your good angles," Heart advises.

Heart clarifies that she respects those who are for plastic surgery, "I'm not against it, though. I mean, if it makes you feel good, I wouldn't deprive anyone of feeling good and looking good."

You'll be suprised by her concept of her being called beautiful.
"I feel like, sometimes, lalo na 'pag artista ka, you're kind of brainwashing people to think that you are beautiful. So that's why the whole purpose of this book was to come out clean and see who I really I am, and then let's see if they will still call me beautiful," Heart confesses.

But judging from the pages showing her makeup-free face, beauty mistakes, and life tidbits, she has only become more beautiful in our eyes.

This Is Me, Love Marie will soon be out in bookstores and magazine stands nationwide for P295. For updates and more information, like Summit Books on Facebook via and follow on Instagram via @summit.books.

PHOTO: Instagram @iamhearte

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