Besides face shapes, there are other things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect haircut. Your lifestyle, for example, should dictate a big chunk of your decision, especially if you've got no time to blow-dry and layer hair products on your tresses. Here, we list down the other factors you need to think about before getting a hair makeover.

Short hair is not all that.
Sure, short hair appears low-maintenance, but it’s harder to hide flyaways when you can’t tie your chin bob in a ponytail. And if you’re loving the pixie cut a la Emma Watson, you need to frequent the salon every three weeks to maintain its shape. Our tip: Get the chic style of short hair while still reaping low-maintenance hair care benefits with a medium-length bob, more popularly known as the lob—it’s still short, but it’s easy to tuck in a pony when your hair decides to misbehave.

Bulk is the enemy.
Shapeless hair or blunt cuts have a tendency to end up shaped like a pyramid when not styled well. By this, we mean a flat crown and the ends all spreading outwards. We recommend getting layers instead. It doesn't just cut your hair’s drying time in half, but also slims down your face and makes you look younger!

Work with your hair’s natural state.
Your hairstylist knows the best cuts that suit your hair’s natural texture. Yes, you may have hair pegs that serve as a reference, but the end results will all depend on how your hair will respond to every snip. This is why sometimes, the ‘do you see on a certain celeb won't match what you’ll see in the mirror. Save yourself the trouble by sticking to hairstyles that are more appropriate for your hair.

Be aware of the chemical treatments you let your tresses go under.
Whether you dye, bleach, straighten, or perm your hair, you’ll need a certain set of hair products to maintain the vibrancy and health of your locks. So if you’re not the type who’s careful about the shampoo or conditioner you use, you may be better off embracing virgin hair.

PHOTO: Pixabay

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