FYI: You can get all the hair treatments on the planet or use every kind of organic hair product just to have silky, shiny, healthy hair, but still have troubled tresses that look worse for the wear.

Before you think that product is to blame, know that the real culprit could very well be in plain sight. Hair tools such as brushes, combs, straightening flat irons, curlers, and dryers could be the main reason for your woes, especially when they are left filthy.

Keeping these tools clean reduces the risk of transferring dirt and bacteria onto your scalp, hair, and skin. It also guarantees a longer lifespan for your favorite styling and hair care instruments. Here, a step-by-step guide to cleaning your hair tools:

Brushes and combs

Hair strands that are left on the the teeth and bristles don't just make it difficult for you to use your brushes and combs, but also increase the risk of dust, grime, and dead skin accumulation from brushing your follicles. Picking out the hair with your fingers, tweezers, or even chopsticks can get the job done. It can be a time-consuming process, but think of all the mucky stuff that won't get transferred onto your hair the next time you brush.

Flat irons and curling wands
Water can be your beauty appliance’s friend. Provided that you do not soak it in a basin full of H2O. Using a slightly damp microfiber cloth or even an old, clean cotton shirt, lightly dab the outermost areas of your device. As a simple rule of thumb, avoid sections that could cause moisture to seep into the motor or the power source of your tool. Focus your cleaning efforts on the barrel of your curling iron or the plates of your hair straightening gadget. Do not use rough fabrics so you wont damage delicate surfaces that could, in turn, ruin your hair.

Hair dryers
Cleaning blow dryers can be challenging since they cannot be disassembled and the majority of its parts are confined in the barrel case. With the device turned off, pull out any visible hair with a pair of tweezers. You can also use a clean paint brush to dust the vents, while minor dirt can be wiped away with a clean piece of cloth. One of the most effective methods of cleaning out a hair dryer is using a vacuum cleaner. Handheld ones will do the job just as well as full-sized models. Use the smallest attachment and simply suck out the debris through the back vent of your dryer. Toothbrushes will prove useful in getting any extra gunk out. Buildup of dirt in blowers can cause overheating so always keep this tool clean and in tip-top shape to reduce the odds of it breaking down or frying your hair.

PHOTO: Pixabay

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