Need tried-and-tested makeup advice? We spoke to several women to ask their beauty secrets! From following a practical skin care regimen to defying beauty rules, we collect the best beauty advice from real girls. Read on to learn more!

1. "When my skin looks dry, I'm probably dehydrated. I really need to guzzle down water when my skin gets ugly." - Paula

2. "Be at peace with your own skin. Just be confident with what you have, may it be pimple marks or bumps. Makeup can only cover up imperfections and skin care could always cure them, but if you are not confident with what you have, no matter how much you do with your skin, it would show through." - Grace

3. "Don't ride on skin care trends. Simply use what's best for your skin type." - Anja

4. "The fastest DIY pedicure is too rub a warm water-soaked towel on your toes to lift dead skin. This is much better than removing dead skin with a nipper." - April

5. "Kulot ako! Embrace your natural hair texture. Don't fight it by rebonding—you'll chemically ruin your hair. Besides, conditioners and serums are there to make 'em behave." - Portia

6. "Sometimes, the most expensive product will not work for you. I have extreme problem skin, and I had to go to my derma to solve my acne. But when I tried this very inexpensive toner and papaya soap, my skin was as clear and smooth as a pearl. It's really hiyangan." - Kathleen

7. "I don't believe that you should only use certain eye shadow, blush, and lipstick shades that are designed to flatter your skin tone. I really don't believe in such makeup rules. It really depends on your personality. If you're morena and you want to swipe on a carnation lip, then by all means, flaunt that pink pout!" - Iliana

8. "This is nothing new, but applying sunscreen is really the first step to keep yourself looking young!" - Maddie

9. "Wiggle your mascara wand outwards to create a cat-eye effect on your lashes." -Nicole

10. "When your lips are dry, do not lick them because that will only make them drier. You really need lip balm to moisturize them. Also, drink water!" - Martha

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