You spend a lot of time getting ready for work every day, but it seems almost counterproductive when your daily commute causes your fresh face to melt away by the time you arrive at the office. It’s not easy to maintain your presentable look through the morning rush, but it can be done. Below, we list down ways to keep yourself from looking haggard by the time you clock in.

1. Wear makeup primer.

If you want your makeup to last through hot and humid weather, use a primer. You might already be using it to hide your pores, but it also acts as a layer for your makeup to hold onto and helps control oil production to reduce shine. In the long run, primer lets you do less of major touchups.

2. Keep blotting papers in your purse.

If primer isn’t enough to combat your oily skin, keep blotting papers in your bag at all times. They’ll help you look matte after your hectic commute, and you can use them as quick fixes throughout the day—no need to reapply your makeup.

3. Bring a water bottle.

Carrying a water bottle almost everywhere you go is very commonplace these days, which is why you should invest in one that keeps your water cold for hours. When your commute is long and arduous, it’s only appropriate to stay hydrated along the way.

4. Wear an updo.

Tie your hair into a bun or ponytail—just like your go-to gym ‘do. You’re expecting to sweat, burn some calories, and work your muscles (those stairs aren’t going to climb themselves!) during your commute. It’s in your best interest to keep your hair neat and tidy and prevent your strands from getting slick from sweat.

5. Invest in a portable electric fan.

Instead of wishing for a breeze to come as you wait for the MRT or bus, use a portable electric fan to help keep you cool. While you’ll have another bulky item to add in your office bag, you’ll be grateful for the air on particularly hot days.

6. Use lightweight hair products.

Thick and heavy hair products can clog your scalp and stimulate oil production, so when you add warm weather and a complicated commute into the mix, it’s the perfect recipe for a greasy disaster. Let your hair and scalp breathe by using lightweight, easy-rinse hair products, such as the Cream Silk Hydra Fresh Light Conditioner. It has a water-based formula infused with Hydra Collagen Technology that helps keep your hair hydrated, fresh, and bouncy.

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with CREAM SILK.