Your skincare routine is one of the practices in your life that’s hard to change. But as your body changes as you age, so does your skin’s needs. This could mean that the skincare products you’ve been using may not be as effective or even be the right ones for your skin anymore. Below, how to find out if your skincare routine finally needs an overhaul. 

1. You’re seeing more fine lines.

For some reason, your face cream isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do even after six to 12 weeks, which is the time it takes for a product to show if it works on your skin. But you’re pretty sure those fine lines around the eyes weren’t there a week ago. Now might be a good time to swap the cream for a thicker product that doubles its efforts in moisturizing.

2. Your skin looks drier.

A glance at the mirror makes it hard for you to unsee the patches of dry, flaky skin on your cheeks. Your cleanser could be scrubbing away any natural protective oils on your skin, which explains the dry and tight feeling you get after you rinse. Ironically, if you stick to that oil-stripping cleanser, it can even kick your oil production into overdrive as your skin tries to compensate for dryness. Now might be a good time to use a hard-working moisturizer to bring life back to your skin.

3. You’re no longer seeing results.

If your skincare routine doesn't give you any noticeable improvements—you’re still breaking out; the wrinkles, scars, and spots aren’t fading; or your complexion is still uneven—you ought to consider switching to new products. True, the time it takes your skin to adapt to a new regimen depends on a lot of factors. But if your products aren’t giving you your ideal skin after three months (given a healthy lifestyle), this doesn’t mean applying more of them with the hope that they’ll work.

You don’t have to simply rely on skincare products to help you achieve the results you want—dietary supplements can also play key roles when it comes to maintaining skin health. Astaxanthin, a carotenoid with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and photo-protective properties can help reduce age spots, freckles, fine lines, and wrinkles by preserving the presence of collagen and boosting collagen production capacity to achieve a youthful appearance.

4. Your skin looks inflamed.

Dermatologists attribute skin flare-ups to allergic reactions from ingredients in any cosmetic product, not just its fragrances and preservatives. If zits pop out of nowhere and itchy spots, rashes, or hives—which look like red welts on the skin—show up minutes after you’ve applied a skincare product, you might want to consider checking the ingredients list of your skincare products to help identify the ones that are doing more harm to your skin than good.


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