Looking haggard is one of the most common concerns of women. With never-ending to-do lists and stressful situations we encounter daily, it just seems impossible to look fresh every day. Below, real girls share their best advice to avoid looking tired amidst their busy lifestyles.

Get the right hairstyle.

Get a good haircut; go for a simple and easy-to-maintain style. Use hair treatment at least once a week. If you can have your hair dyed, color your hair, it will make you look younger. - from GIRLTalker tikitakz

Get a good haircut. - from GILRTalker twelvth_goddess

Palaging ayusin ang hair. Ipa-rebond kung kailangang ipa-rebond. Pa-color ng hair kung katulad ko na nasa lahi ang gray hair. 'Wag palaging nakatali ang buhok. Mas pretty tingnan 'pag nakalugay. Pag dry [ang buhok], may mga mura naman na nabibiling treatments sa Hortaleza and Watsons. - from GIRLTalker killbill

Take good care of your skin.

Adapt a daily skincare regimen that works. [If you just gave birth], the stuff you used prior to pregnancy may not work anymore. Visit a derma and get advice, but for me, the regular cleanse-tone-moisturize-sunscreen routine worked. I just had to find products that didn't make me break out. If you feel that you must wear makeup for work or nights out, go easy on it. Light makeup will make you look younger. - from GIRLTalker makdonna

Hanap ka ng ok na face regimen for you, yoong hiyang na facial wash at moisturizer. Moisturizer is a must. As a working mom, wala na akong time na mag-make up, so tinted moisturizer or BB cream, if you like, really works, and then use eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, mascara, lipgloss, at konting blush. - from GIRLTalker FayeP

Use a moisturizer with SPF na hihiyang sa'yo, sa akin hiyang ako sa Olay SPF 15 then I top it with a face powder. Use body scrub once a week. - from GIRLTalker tikitakz

Regular peel gives my skin that glow. You can also invest in a good foundation and highlighter. - from GIRLTalker Prunella

Exfoliate and moisturize. I also take gluta, vitamin C, and mahilig ako mag-makeup pero natural lang. Important to emphasize ang glowing skin [by] using the right foundation and concealer. Wear blush, gloss or lippie, and curl your lashes and coat with mascara. Don't underestimate a good set of eyebrows. - from GIRLTalker Ireneeeeee

Wear sunblock every day. - from GIRLTalker prisma

Start from the inside.

Take vitamin C and E to look healthy and glowing. - from GIRLTalker anirazc anasor

'Pag kasi kulang sa water at masyado oily or salty or sugary yung kinakain, nagkakaroon ng effect sa skin. - from GIRLTalker FayeP

Eating plenty of fruits and taking supplements (multivitamins and 1000 mg vitamin C) help a lot. - from Prunella

Sleep and water really helped. Even if my skin was free of any products and derma treatment, it was still clear because of ample water intake and rest. - from GIRLTalker twelvth_goddess

Letting your skin rest from any product will help, and sabayan mo ng pag-inom ng super daming water. I did this but yung pang-detox na water ang ginamint ko para sabay-sabay ang cleansing ng body inside and out. - from GIRLTalker ApollosMom

Exercise. Kahit jogging lang or jump rope. Nakakaalis ng stress. Hindi ka palaging mukhang haggard. - from GIRLTalker killbill

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Relax and smile.

Take time to relax every now and then. For me, my guilty pleasure is going to The Spa. I get massages once a month and facials every other week. This not only keeps me looking younger, it also helps me feel young. - from GIRLTalker makdonna

[Avoid] stress [kasi] ang lakas maka losyang niyan. - from GIRLTalker ApollosMom

Get enough sleep, exercise, love, and stay happy! - from GIRLTalker Ireneeeeee

Smile lang lagi! Fill your head with positive thoughts, promise, nakaka-fresh. - from GIRLTalker simang

It's just all in your mind. Kapag iniisip mong maganda ka and feel mo talaga, compliments will chase you. Same goes with ugliness, kapag inisip mo talagang panget ka, papanget ka talaga. - from GIRLTalker crazy_butterfly

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PHOTO: Mica Dew/Flickr Creative Commons

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