Did you know that Sandara Park is already in her mid-30s? Yup, she is, and we'll let you process that information for a second. If we're being honest, we wouldn't know that either if we didn't look it up, because in our eyes, the Korean star seems to have stopped aging at 25.


Other than her infectiously positive attitude, Sandara's skincare routine is one of the things that keeps her looking and feeling youthful. She recently shared her regimen on her YouTube channel, and below, we run down the best tips we got from her:

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1. She keeps her routine simple.

Sandara admits that she doesn't do much for her skincare at all, because she thinks it's better to go simple instead of piling on too much. She sticks to the basics, but makes sure she has at least one or two really good products that'll really make a difference.

2. She protects her skin with an antioxidant serum.

When she knows she'll be out and about during the day time, Sandara applies an antioxidant-rich serum to help protect her skin from harmful and aging UV rays. The product she uses is from Dr. Different, which contains a powerful combination of vitamin C, E, and CoQ10.


3. She never forgets to put on eye cream.

Sandara says she never goes a day without eye cream. She even shares that she asks her manager to repurchase her favorite one for her when she runs out, just so she can have it on all the time.

In the video, she gently applies the eye cream around her eyes with her ring finger, and also puts some around her mouth to reap the benefits there as well. After, she blends everything in by tapping the product in.

4. She uses a retinol cream.

The most "anti-aging" step that the Korean star has in her regimen is a .05% retinol cream that she uses every night. "After using this product I noticed an improvement in my skin tone and texture so I find myself reaching for this a lot," she says. Sandara adds that it helps her spot-treat areas with more wrinkles, too, especially her undereyes, smile lines, and her neck.


She applies the cream on top of her moisturizer, which is a good trick for minimizing irritation from the potent ingredient. But if you've never used retinol before or have sensitive skin, you can try her other tips, which is mixing a little bit of it into your moisturizer first to allow your skin to get used to it.

Watch Sandara's full skincare vlog below:

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