Working from home has blurred the lines between office and personal matters—and it's very likely that you've been working even longer hours without noticing. WFH stress can also manifest in a tired, dull complexion, so you’ll need to do better with your skincare routine by including this important ingredient—ginger. 

A well-known home remedy, did you know that this superfood also works as a revitalizing skincare ingredient? FYI, there's even an entire Pureganics skincare line dedicated to the healing benefits of ginger.

Both the Pureganics Ginger Soap and the Pureganics Ginger Body Lotion are infused with natural ginger extracts and marine and botanical ingredients to help calm, revitalize and soften your skin. Keep reading to see what we mean:

They help fade dark spots and scars. 

Dark spots are commonly caused by harmful rays (Hint: Sunlight entering your windows and blue light emitted from your screens!) while scars come from minor wounds and breakouts. With the help of Pureganics Ginger Soap and Body Lotion's anti-oxidative properties, you can address these visible marks and even out your complexion over time. 

They help restore tired and puyat skin. 

WFH stress can take a toll on your complexion. It breaks down collagen and elastin, making your skin look dull and lackluster. You’ll need the intervention of natural ginger extracts since they’re known for their restorative properties that help firm up skin and improve elasticity. 

They help reduce puffiness. 

Munching on salty OT snacks and not drinking enough water could contribute to puffy skin. When there’s an imbalance between your salt and water intake, the water in your body builds up to dilute the salt. The result? A puffy, bloated face! Aside from flushing excess fluids away by drinking water, another helpful tip is using natural ginger-based products to soothe and de-puff your skin.

If you're one of many Pinays who spend the better part of the day working from home, consider adding ginger to your daily skincare routine by using Pureganics Ginger Soap and Body Lotion. These products can help revitalize tired skin and bring you the fresh, radiant complexion you’re looking for even when things get busier!

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