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More often than not, you’ll choose an extra 20 minutes of sleep over-styling your hair in the morning, so by the time you get out the door, you don’t look as polished as you want. But there are actually a number of easy yet office-friendly hairstyles you can quickly do in the morning—no heat-styling necessary. Check out some of our favorite low-maintenance ‘dos below.

1. Headband Cover-Up

Tie your hair into a bun or ponytail to keep your hair in place, then don a muted headband to make onlookers think you put a lot of effort into your look. Keep the style clean by pulling all your hair back with the accessory or look more relaxed by allowing a few tendrils to frame your face.

2. Loose Braid

Braids might seem immature, but they’re an easy way to look cute and to keep your hair in place. The key is to upgrade the style to suit your age. For an office-friendly look, keep your hair in a loose braid and drape it over your shoulder.

3. Top Knot

Keeping your messy hair bunched on top of your head makes sure that it’s out of sight, out of mind. It lets everyone know that you mean business, but it doesn’t look as rigid as a ballerina bun.

4. Double Dutch Braid

If you’re a pro at braiding, this trendy look should take no time at all. Part your hair in the middle and create two dutch braids starting from your temples all the way down to your tips. The pretty hairdo can still look professional when paired with a simple shift dress or a silk button up shirt and trousers.

5. Overnight Curls

There are several ways to create overnight curls, but here’s an easy way to do it: Apply mousse through your tresses, section it into two parts, and tie each part into buns. In the morning, let your curls down and spritz on some hairspray to keep the look in place. It’s a low-effort, high-impact look.

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