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Thinking of going a couple of shades lighter without having drying chemicals dumped onto your crowning glory? Is it possible, you ask? Indeed it is! As it turns out the answer to your hair lightening quest can easily be found in your kitchen. Read on to find out ways to achieve sun-kissed strands naturally.

The naturally found golden hues in chamomile along with its chemical components are perfect in enhancing the hair’s blonde undertones. Begin by brewing a strong pot of chamomile and let the tea cool. You can saturate your full crown or just the areas you intend to highlight, then use some sunlight to help dry and lighten your tea-treated hair. Chamomile's gentle lightening agents work well in combating brassiness—you can even use it to update salon-highlighted locks.

Brassiness is common in dark hair that is exposed to a range of lightening products and sunlight. Cinnamon hair masks help in rejuvenating and lifting dark tresses minus the orange tones.

Concoct your cinnamon hair mask by mixing together water and cinnamon. Before applying, condition damp hair first so that the paste has something to adhere to. Work this into your hair making sure that strands are evenly coated. Leave on the mask for as long as possible, and to get the best results allow the your strands to soak on it overnight. Because it is safe to use, this mask can be applied as frequently as you want without any worry of harming effects.


What makes honey the perfect lightening cheat is its hydrogen peroxide content. Teamed with naturally moisturizing ingredients, honey is able to counteract drying effects when lightening your strands. Honey is unfortunately difficult to wash out since it is very sticky. To make application and clean up loads easier, dilute the mixture in some vinegar or water. Get the best results by covering your honeyed scalp with a shower cap and rinse the next day.


Undoubtedly the most known lightening agent in the DIY world, lemon juice contains citric acids that produce subtle sunny lifts and highlights in your hair. To boost your color, combine one cup lemon juice and a quarter of a cup of warm water in a spray bottle, shake well and spritz. Adding sunflower oil or a bit of conditioner to the mixture can prevent hair from drying caused by the lemon's acidic content. Reinforce its lightening abilities by applying heat in the form of sun exposure (don’t forget to layer on some SPF before you lay and bake!). To make the procedure more potent, reapply the lemon hair spritz every 30 minutes.


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