As we all know by now, signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines start to appear as early as your mid-20s.

This is why former Miss World and actress Megan Young believes that people should start taking care of their skin as early as possible.

In an interview with and other members of the press, Megan recalled, "Ang laging sinasabi sa ’kin ng mga handlers ko noon, 'O, alagaan mo 'yung skin mo.


"So that’s something they would try to infiltrate into my mind, na kailangan alagaan mo 'yung sarili mo. Kasi pag dumating na 'yung time na dumating ka na sa ganitong age, baka pagsisihan mo na hindi mo inalagaan. Na kahit man lang taking off your makeup at night, it’s so simple pero minsan nakakalimutan natin. So, it’s just the conscious effort lang.

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"I think I started taking care of myself just before Miss World. So mga 22, 23... I could’ve started earlier pero may pagkatamad talaga ako no’n."


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Megan further admitted that she didn't giver her skin proper care during her teenage years compared to how she does her skincare routine now.

She explained, ""Very boyish ako in the sense na... sige, go with the flow lang, wash lang ng face, ganyan, but it’s not really as intensive as how I take care of myself now.

"Now kasi... I’m very conscious about what I put into my body, with the food that I eat, what I drink, and supplements that I intake.

"Kailangan maging conscious ako kasi I’m looking at taking care of myself for the long run, not just for, you know, a project that I have next month or not just because may pinaghahandaan ako. Kailangan pang-long term na talaga. So ngayon pa lang, conscious na ako sa lahat."

Megan's exact skincare routine


When asked about her routine, Megan said she likes to keep it simple.

"So I wash my face, I have a duo cleanser that I use—puwede siyang makeup remover, puwede siyang facial wash.

"Di ako nagto-toner kasi sobrang dry ng skin ko, sometimes I use like a toning lotion.

"So that’s two, it’s like a liquid-lotion toner. [Then] I moisturize, so that’s three.

"I use eye cream, that’s four. And sometimes pag sobrang dry ng skin ko, I’ll use facial oil.


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External factors that affect Megan's skin

Megan is grateful she hasn't noticed yet any wrinkle or dark spots on her face.

"Wala pa naman akong wrinkles, but I do have a lot of skin on my forehead but wala lang naman sa ’kin yon.

"I think it’s really just pag sobrang puyat ako sa taping tapos my skin starts feeling very dry and gray and flaky.

"And nangyayari din yon kapag hindi ako nakakapag-moisturize... So sa mga oras na nangyayari iyon, nagsisisi talaga ako, and I just start going back to my skincare routine.

"It’s a good lesson kasi siyempre trabaho ko ‘to so I really need to be on top of it."

A beach lover, she says the sun is our skin's biggest enemy.

"Well, ako kasi I really love going to the beach. I super love the beach. One of the challenges I have to really take care of is 'yung [hindi] masunog yung skin ko.


"‘Will this affect my skin long term?’ It’s just about being careful with the things that you love.

"Like if I love going to the beach, I know that I have to take precaution—put on sunscreen. Make sure na hindi aabot sa point na parang masusunog 'yung balat ko.

"Lalo na kung alam ko sensitive skin ako. So, it’s just about doing research and taking precaution."

Megan on eating clean and healthy

The Stepdaughters actress also noted the importance of the food you eat.

She said, "The mere fact that you're taking care of yourself, it could be starting from what you eat.

"Like, are you gonna eat this certain food? Like, will that affect your body? Will that affect your appetite?

"Or even that the way that your mind will function for the day? Are you gonna intake that alcohol?

"I mean that’s, it’s all a choice that you can make as early as possible." Hear, hear!


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