We round up some of the most out-of-this world beauty superstitions, and explain if we really need to take them seriously. Do you have any pamihiin to share? Tell us in the comments below!

1. When an eyelash falls, you can make a wish.
Sure, a girl can dream, but your lashes naturally fall off (not all at once, okay?). NBD.

2. You shouldn't pull out gray hairs because with every strand, three will take its place.
You should never pluck gray hairs out because doing this creates a bald spot! If you're annoyed, get a dye job.

3. Do not wash your hair on Chinese New Year because you'll wash away good fortune.
Really? If you're a true believer of this, please dust dry shampoo to help absorb oil and odor.

4. Burn the snipped strands of hair after a haircut because throwing them away brings bad luck.
Umm, ever heard of air pollution?

5. Schedule your haircut on a Good Friday to prevent headaches the whole year.
Unless you've got a style team at your beck and call, it's going to be hard to pull this one off. All salons are closed during Holy Week.

6. You should keep a lock of hair from your baby's first haircut for good luck.
Well, there's nothing wrong with keeping a priceless memento like this. Don't forget to take a picture while your little one is getting a haircut!

7. Dropping your comb or brush while styling your hair is an omen that you'll be disappointed in the near future.
Maybe you were just clumsy! Also, disappointments are not caused by hair tools—they're either caused by uncontrolled circumstances or people themselves!

8. Clipping your fingernails on Friday or Sunday is bad luck.
Let's get real. Mani and pedi days are best done on weekends, the only time you have to pamper yourself.

9. Breaking a mirror will give you seven years of bad luck.
mirrorJust clean up the shattered pieces, and go get a new mirror.

10. Do not a hang a mirror so low that the reflection appears to cut your head off. Doing so will give you headaches.
We think that this will give you a neck strain or a back ache because you'll need to crouch to see yourself in mirror.

PHOTO: Pixabay; GIFS: Giphy

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