I know of jade and rose quartz rollers and their possible glowing benefits, so I got curious when I encountered an ice roller. According to my research, this nifty gadget could possibly improve my complexion; I had to try it for myself! Read on to see what I think.

My skin type: Oily

My skin concerns: Dullness, uneven texture, occasional breakouts

My current skincare routine: Toner, micro-peeling serum, firming serum, eye cream, brightening sleeping essence, brightening cream

What is an ice roller?

It is a facial roller with a metal head that you store in the freezer. The roller head is quite huge—it's about two inches wide.

What can it do for my skin?

Let me round up the cool things it can do for your complexion, based on my experience.

It serves as a relaxing device.

After a long day, its icy temperature soothed my tired skin. I used it after washing my face and before applying skincare products. (Remember to roll the device upwards to prevent skin sagging!)

It soothes pimples.

Because of the ice roller's cooling sensation, I discovered that it could calm down angry red pimples or prevent an emerging zit from appearing. Just make sure the device is clean before letting it touch your face.

It de-puffs everything.

Whenever I woke up in the morning and found myself with puffy eyes and a bloated face, I turned to this ice-cold device. It also helped me feel more awake! It has been my puyat essential ever since.

It calms your skin after undergoing an exfoliating treatment.

I'm a big fan of scrubs and anything exfoliating, so I decided to use the ice roller after sloughing away layers of dead skin on my face. It reduced the redness, and my skin didn't feel that "raw" after the treatment.



It's a less messy alternative to rubbing ice cubes on your face. You'll love using this during summer time or on hot days—I wish I could bring it with me everywhere I go. As for its relaxing properties, it's a big yes for me! If you're too tamad to do facial massages on yourself, just use an ice roller.

TL;DR: The ice roller is now part of my self-care kit, so if you're into pampering yourself, get one!

TRY: Ice roller, P1,350, Shimmer Beauty Studio

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