Stick-straight hair is common among Asian women, and attempting to curl it can be an exasperating process. Imagine spending so much time with a hair curler only to have your ringlets flatline an hour or two later. Don't let your efforts go to waste! Achieve curls that will actually hold when you take note of the useful tips below.

Wash your hair the night before.
Don’t wash your hair on the same day you intend to style it. In fact, it is much better to clean those follicles the night before, or at least, half a day before you intend to style your hair to allow those curls to set better. You can also blow-dry your hair prior to setting your curls. However, if you are looking to reduce heat damage, then it is best to air dry.

Lather with shampoo made for Asian hair.
Buy shampoos that specifically cater to Asian hair. Selecting one designed for the type of hair you have helps keep it healthy, while offering you just the right benefits—which, in this case, is to help fluff up and set your otherwise limp locks.

Use thickening balms.
Since shampooing doesn’t always do the trick, following up with a volumizing product is another step to getting those ringlets. Many Asian women have thick hair, which often weighs down what should be a nice, light, and bouncy head of curls. Thickening serums and sprays create volume and lift up your hair to give your curls that much-needed extra boost to hold its shape a lot longer.

Comb and section.
In order to get a good bouffant going, you need to introduce air into your hair follicles and strands. One simple trick is to brush your hair in sections with the aid of a wide tooth comb. Work those tangles out while letting air in. After a thickening product is in place, curl your hair in sections to ensure an even distribution of heat.

Spritz hair spray.
Grab a can of your favorite hairspray and spritz before curling each section. After a second, commence curling, and then give your hair another spritz after you let your curl loose. It sounds like a pileup of product, but doing this ensures that you have nice flexible hold.

Try pomades.
Pomade can keep newly-styled hair intact while still making it shine. If you’re having trouble finding one with an excellent hold, nab your grandpa’s pomade, ask your BF and guy friends what they use, or visit a good barber shop to get recommendations.

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