Having sweaty underarms is always awkward and embarrassing. If you’re the type of person who perspires heavily, these tips can help you have more control over your body:

1. Wear breathable clothing
Clothes made of light fabric like cotton are more comfortable because they don’t stick to the skin. Wearing light-colored garments in white and pastel shades are also recommended as they make you feel fresh. Plus, they also hide sweat stains! Now you don’t have to worry about hideous rings of sweat under your pits.

2. Watch what you eat
Spicy, salty, and fatty foods can increase sweat production. Spicy foods trigger your body’s pain receptors, salty ones increase the amount of sodium in your body, and fatty foods make your body exert more effort to process them. Our tip: Swap these foods for healthier options like fish, fruits, and vegetables to reduce sweating.

3. Relax
Aside from heat and physical exertion, stress can also cause you to perspire more. Whenever you feel overwhelmed with your workload or right before you have to do a big client presentation, take slow, deep breaths. Believe that you can do it! Doing so will help keep your stress levels low.

4. Use a good antiperspirant every day
A surefire way to control sweat and odor is to swipe on an antiperspirant every day! Rexona Powder Dry Roll-On keeps your underarms powder dry and fresh all day, so you don’t have to suffer the embarrassment of having sweaty pits!

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Rexona.