Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, and Dawn Zulueta are just some of the celebrities who have aced aging gracefully. However, anyone can mature with elegance if they follow a good skincare routine. Here, beauty tips that will go a long way, in this case all the way till your golden years.


Steer clear of the sun.
Limiting exposure to the sun, as well as regularly applying sunscreen, may sound like old news, but there's a reason why skin experts can't say it enough. Skin cancer is a very real problem. Damage caused by UV rays can speed up the most visible signs of aging such as: dark spots, lines, redness, sagging skin, dehydration, and premature wrinkles. Who wants that? A nice layer of sunscreen applied over your favorite moisturizer during the day (and reapplied throughout) is the best way to ensure healthy, gorgeous skin for years to come.

Your body should always be hydrated. The lack of moisture results in skin that looks and feels dull and dry. Fine lines, dark circles, and that starved sunken appearance, can also be blamed on the lack of moisture. As tempting it is to skip moisturizers, find a regular morning and night routine to ensure well-hydrated skin. Another easy "regimen" to keep in mind is to always drink plenty of water.

Prevent loss of volume.
When we hear the word volume, we instantly associate it with luscious locks, but did you know that volume can also refer to our skin? As we grow in years, not only do we amass wrinkles, but our skin also begins to lose its volume. This is especially evident around the eyes, cheeks, and the jawline. Although often times hereditary, you can combat this issue with the aid of serums that contain hyaluronic acids. This wonder ingredient aids in smoothening and plumping up the surface of the skin, and in due time, will restore the volume and fullness in areas of the face where it is needed most.

Eat and drink well.
What we eat and drink is reflected on our skin. Consuming too much chocolate, processed, or greasy food can result in breakouts, maybe not for everybody, but at least for a good number of individuals. As previously mentioned, keeping yourself hydrated is essential. Drinking eight to 10 glasses of water a day is a must for the average man or woman. Get your Omega-3s as often as possible to provide your skin with a natural oil barricade that prevents moisture and volume loss.

Clock in those Zzzs.
Ample rest resets, restores, and refreshes our body. Studies have shown that lack of sleep is one of the worst things a person can do to their skin. Cutting back on sleep causes the body to react like it is in a stressful situation. Once cortisol is released, collagen found near the skin’s surface gets damaged, resulting in premature wrinkling, overproduction of oil, sagging, breakouts, and pore enlargement. For your body and complexion’s sake, get a good seven hours of shut eye each night.

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