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Fact: Hair fall or thinning is part of our hair growth cycle. Studies suggest that it’s completely normal to lose around 50 to 100 strands of hair every day. While you can’t really keep track and count the strands from time to time, hair fall should be a matter of concern when excess shedding occurs and you begin to notice your hair part becoming wider than the usual.


Common causes of hair fall

Several factors contribute to hair fall. These can be part of genetics or caused by triggers such as:

Good news is hair fall can be lessened by using this natural hair care ingredient: gugo.

What exactly is gugo? 

The use of gugo bark extracts has been traditionally proven to help nourish the scalp and thicken the hair. Gugo bark is rich in saponin, an active ingredient in charge of cleansing the hair and stimulating hair regrowth. When it comes to DIY gugo shampoos, the bark sheets are usually soaked and rubbed in water until they create a lather to clean and wash your hair. But if you prefer readily-made gugo shampoos (with more natural ingredients!), you are in luck since local brands are emerging to promote gugo shampoo as a natural remedy to hair fall problems. 

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Gugo Shampoos in the Philippines

1. Zenutrients Gugo Strengthening Shampoo

P99/100ml, available online

Aside from cleansing your hair, this strengthening shampoo nourishes dry and dull locks without harsh chemicals like sulfates, parabens, dyes, and silicones. It promotes hair growth so make sure to use it regularly so you can achieve thick, voluminous hair over time. If you’re convinced by this gugo shampoo, consider getting the larger bottles available: 250ml (P249), 500ml (P465), or 1L (P790). 

gugo shampoo


2. Skin Genie Gugo Silk Shampoo

P250/250ml, available online

Not only does this gugo shampoo address thinning hair, but it also helps smoothen strands, thanks to silk protein and keratin. You can also count on it to prevent dandruff. Given these benefits, this Skin Genie shampoo really deserves to be part of your hair care routine.

gugo shampoo


3. Milcu Ocean Breeze Herbal Gugo Shampoo

P85/200ml, available online

Did you know that Milcu, a local brand known for its affordable deodorants, also offers shampoo products? Yes, you read it right. They have gugo shampoos that come in nature-inspired scents. We recommend the Ocean Breeze variant. It’s simply refreshing and can be your instant pick-me-up if you miss going to the beach.

gugo shampoo


4. Nanny Rose’s Gugo And Lawat Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo

P124/100ml, available online

Try this herbal shampoo that has a potent combination of plant extracts like gugo, lawat, lagundi, and malunggay. They work together to revitalize strands and reduce hair fall. You also get extra-nourishing powers of virgin coconut oil and soya bean oil for healthy, shiny results.

gugo shampoo


5. Sesou Nature Source Gugo Shampoo

P330/260ml, available online

This Sesou shampoo is enhanced by aloe vera to relieve dandruff-prone scalp, nourish strands, and boost hair growth.   

gugo shampoo

6. Eco Bar Thickening Shampoo Bar

P170/65g, available online

Looking for an eco-friendly option? Switch to a shampoo bar because it can cut down on your use of plastic packaging. This product from Eco Bar is worth checking out. It’s specially made with gugo, polygala, rosemary, and patchouli essential oil to stimulate hair growth and protection.


gugo shampoo

7. The Happy Organics Gugo Shampoo

P285/250ml, available online

Here’s a little trivia: The Happy Organics is owned by a mompreneur. From organic handmade soaps to spa products, the brand has expanded to different skincare and hair care essentials including their own gugo shampoo! This product does the job to stop hair fall and bring you thicker, fuller locks. Pair it with their gugo conditioner for a smooth, shiny finish.


gugo shampoo

8. White Room Soapworks Coco Gugo Shampoo Bar

P143/50g, available online

This gugo shampoo bar claims to last for up to 50 washes. (Just make sure to store your shampoo bar in dry places when not in use!) It has the moisturizing benefits of coconut oil, perfect if you want to revitalize dry and dull locks.


gugo shampoo

9. Nature's Harmony Gugo and Aloe Vera Shampoo

P199/250ml, available online

If you’re dealing with oily and itchy scalp as well, this Nature’s Harmony shampoo is here to answer your common hair concerns. It combines gugo and aloe vera benefits so you’ll get the most of your shampoo.


gugo shampoo

10. Be Organic Sulfate-Free Gugo Shampoo

P189/250ml, available online

You’ll need a sulfate-free gugo shampoo if you have color-treated or curly hair. Sulfate-free shampoos are less harmful and they make sure to maintain your hair’s color and natural oils. This product from Be Organic does wonders because it strengthens and repairs hair from styling damage and also increases hair volume and shine for a healthy-looking mane.


gugo shampoo

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