“You know, I think that us girls, when we first start out, we’re all intimidated by makeup,” says Benefit Global Beauty Authority Annie Ford Danielson.

Despite being the daughter and niece of Jean and Jane Ford respectively, the two founders of Benefit, the beautiful brunette confesses that she was kind of a tomboy growing up and only started getting into makeup around the time that she began noticing boys.

“I think it’s usually like your early teens when you start seeing yourself differently, and you start realizing like, ‘oh I could be a pretty girl if I do this or if I do that or if I dress this way,’ and it’s a very interesting time in your life,” she says.

It’s an epiphany shared by many women, but Annie knows that taking that first step is still a bit nerve-racking. Here, she shares a few nuggets of beauty wisdom for those who are still overwhelmed by makeup.

1. Stop taking makeup so seriously.
Makeup used to be rigid and you couldn’t apply it unless you adhered to the rules, but times have changed, and people are starting to think of makeup as fun and experimental. “I think that you just take things a little bit less seriously and you’ll enjoy the process instead of being intimidated by it,” Annie advises.

2. Wipe it off and put it on again.
“One of the main reasons why my mom and aunt started Benefit was because they wanted makeup to be free, and when there’s no rules, and you don’t have to be afraid to mess up,” Annie says. “And I think that for women who are intimidated by makeup, you know, we have a motto at Benefit that’s like, if you mess up your eyeliner, just take it off and put it on again.”

3. Understand its true purpose.
“Makeup is not here to change the way you look, and it’s not here to change the way you feel about yourself, it’s really to enhance what you have because every single woman has something to flaunt, you know, whether it’s your eyes, whether it’s your lips, or your cheeks or your brows,” says Annie who explains this is basically what Benefit is built on.

(Photo from Mike Melrose via Flickr Creative Commons)

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