At some point in our life, we won't even need to go to the salon to get some gray in our hair. Whether we like it or not, those white strands will eventually make their debut—and we'll have to choose whether to hide it or flaunt it. And if you're thinking of choosing the latter, you're in for a treat! Ahead, we run down some hair color ideas that'll help you embrace your grays and look chic while doing so!


Flattering Hair Colors for Graying Hair

1. Ash Gray

Giving your already-light strands an ashy coat will subtly even out your color and make it appear less stark against your skin. Though it's definitely a bold choice, it's a great workaround for those with bigger chunks of grays. Besides, it's so much more fun than just dyeing your tresses back to black!

2. Dark/Ash Brown with Silver Highlights

Making your grays look like highlights is a classic trick that looks great on anyone. To pull it off, choose a natural-looking base like chocolate brown or ash brown, and then have your colorist add some cool-toned highlights that blend in with your lighter strands.

3. Chunky Highlights

On the flipside, for those who want a bolder statement, chunky highlights are your best bet. How you should do it would depending on your natural grwoth, but for example, if most of your grays grow in the front, you can lighten entire chunks from that section all the way and transform them into a face-framing money piece à la Rogue from X-Men.

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4. Ash Blonde Balayage

Since you're already working with what you have, why not make your grays part of a classic balayage 'do? Aside from giving you more natural-looking highlights, this dye job allows regrowth to blend seamlessly, limiting the need for touch-ups.

5. Salt and Pepper

Having white hair already provides an automatic salt and pepper effect, but amplifying it with a professionally-done color will only take it to the next level. Rather than camouflaging your whites, this style calls for mixing them in with your natural hair color (in most Asians' case, that's black) and adding cool tones to it such as a vibrant silver or muted gray.

6. Mushroom Brown Balayage

Being a mix of brown and gray, this mushroom-y hue will add warmth to your locks without completely covering up white hair. It's a subtler way to rock your grays, not to mention a great transition from your usual flat all-black dye.


7. Gray/White Roots

When your strands insist on giving you an gray-black ombré look that's au naturel, there's no harm in going with the flow. In fact, chopping your locks into a pixie cut or a bob will make it even more flattering! Think of it as a wearable take on Cruella de Vil's signature split hair color.

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