If you want to lessen your trips to the salon for touch-ups or constantly re-dyeing your hair at home, why not pick a color that’s fuss-free? You might argue that going the “natural” route in terms of hair color tends to be boring, but think of it rather as the simple and timeless choice that will never go out of style. That said, if you're planning a new dye job soon, why not pick a flattering shade of brown that’s equal parts subtle and chic?

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You might’ve heard and seen the term Chestnut Brown on a couple of boxed dyes and hair color charts in the salon, and it’s actually a popular choice for more reasons than one. It’s an unintimidating shade that’s achievable without bleach, it looks great on most skin tones, and with the right application, it looks amazing even when your roots are starting to show already.

Celebrities like Kathryn Bernardo, Sarah Lahbati, and Yassi Pressman have all tried this hair color at least once in their career for a subtle but pretty change. Characterized as a warm-toned reddish brown with a tinge of gold, Chestnut Brown sits somewhere in between Caramel Brown and Chocolate Brown. It’s also an easy transition color when you opt to dye your tresses lighter or darker later on.


Still not convinced? Here are 10 beautiful Chestnut Brown hair color ideas to try that will look good no matter your hair length!

1. Chestnut Brown

Much like the nut it’s named after, chestnut brown is a beautiful warm hair color that’s easily achievable without having to pre-lighten your tresses. You’ll be able to buy various DIY box dyes from different brands to get this color at the comfort of your home—talk about convenient! It’s also a color that doesn’t wash out fast or turn into an unflattering brassy shade over time. Just make sure to use sulfate-free shampoos to make your color last longer!

2. Golden Chestnut Brown

If you want something a little lighter, pick a chestnut shade with a tinge of golden blonde. This color is much closer to caramel but not quite. The yellow tones pop out more with this shade, which is great if you’ve got beautiful tan or morena skin. It’ll give you that instant sun-kissed glow!


3. Deep Chestnut Brown

Don’t want an obvious transformation? Then go for a deep shade of chestnut much closer to dark brown. This is the perfect option to try if you’re tired of black but aren’t willing to try anything lighter than a true brown.

4. Warm Chestnut Brown

This color will definitely give you a rosy glow. We recommend this shade to girls who are fair or pale-skinned with warm undertones because it’ll instantly brighten up your complexion. Not to mention, it’s the type of red that’s wearable and still quite natural-looking despite being a bit bright.

5. Chestnut Brown Highlights

Don’t want to commit to a full color dye job? Chestnut highlights are a great way to add texture to a one dimensional haircut without looking too obvious. This is also perfect for girls with thin hair to create the illusion of volume and bouncy tresses.


6. Chestnut Brown Ombre

If you’re planning to lessen your trips to the salon—whether that’s because you’re growing out your hair or otherwise—we suggest that you leave your roots untouched. You can then decide on an ombre application so the color transitions beautifully from your natural dark roots to the color of your choice.

7. Chestnut Brown Balayage

A balayage is the way to go if you want to transform your tresses entirely. Since this is a combination of highlights, a subtle ombre, and a full color application, this color treatment will breathe life back into your look with a multi-dimensional dye job. You can request for blonde or caramel highlights for added depth and even an ash brown ombre if you’re feeling a little extra.

8. Chestnut Brown with Reddish Brown Highlights

Add a touch of red to your chestnut brown ‘do for some added warmth! This is a great way to create texture when you have none and looks great whether you’re morena, mestiza, and every skin tone in between!


9. Chestnut Brown with Caramel Highlights

Talk about adding a deliciously pretty swirl of color to your hair! You can’t go wrong with caramel highlights which looks good whether its applied as chunky ‘90s style strips or subtle barely-there streaks.


10. Chestnut Brown with Blonde Highlights

Get that beach girl look with this hair color combo. Whether you’re really living the island life or simply want to emulate it, this is the style that will definitely turn heads because of the obvious flashes of blonde. We suggest you try this dye job if you’re sporting chin to shoulder-length hair, so the highlights will frame your face beautifully.

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