After a photo of Kim Kardashian with exaggerated contoured makeup spread all over the internet, the global population has become obsessed with contouring, setting a host of other chiseling methods—some clever, some crazy—in motion. We’ve been reading about a lot of these fancier contouring techniques almost every week, but has this trend gone too far? See for yourself below!

1. Kardashian Contour


Originally introduced by renowned makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin, this technique calls for painting certain regions on the face with a lighter shade of foundation and a darker one to define the face’s dimension. These two pigments are then magically blended with a buffing brush to achieve undetectable finish. Above, Kim Kardashian shared an Instagram post on how her makeup artist, Scott Barnes, helps her lift and enhance her cheekbones

2. Strobing
This technique isn’t new because it’s basically just focusing on highlighting the elevated areas of the face: the forehead, cheekbones, brow bone, tip of the nose, and chin. Unlike the Kardashian contour, you simply skip the bronzer and compensate for it by abusing highlighting products.

3. Baking

This method is used by pro makeup artists to set the triangle of glow—the area underneath the eye down to the sides of the nose. After spreading illuminating concealer on the area, they dust it with lots of powder. They then let it "bake" for a few minutes, so it’s sealed in perfection.

4. Clown Contouring
This one’s an OTT version of the Kardashian contour. You’re supposed to paint your face like a clown and diffuse all pigments with a sponge or brush. While we do admit that it looks gorgeous, doing this every day may suffocate your pores. Also, who has the time?

5. Henna Contour

If you think Clown Contouring is time-consuming, wait until you hear about henna contouring. This is where you artfully draw curved lines on the face, similar to henna tattoos, and blend it until you’ve scored that J.Lo glow. Sign up for this if you have two hours to do your makeup.

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