When the universe decided that acne on your face wasn’t bothersome enough, it thought your naturally baby-smooth butt could use a few of those pesky bumps too. Anyone can get butt breakouts; it all depends on your hygiene, wardrobe, and even how you do your laundry!


Face acne vs. butt acne

First things first: butt acne or buttne is not the same as acne on your face. The difference between butt pimples and face pimples is that the former can be commonly caused by any of these three skin conditions: folliculitis, or a hair follicle infection, contact dermatitis, or a skin rash, and keratosis pilaris, or keratin buildup around the pores. Facial acne, on the other hand, is inflammation typically caused by dirt, makeup, or sebum clogging up your pores.

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What causes butt acne?


Staphylococcus aureus is a benign form of bacteria that lives on your skin’s surface, but once it slips into a pore or a break in your skin, it can cause inflammation (aka bacterial folliculitis). Other ways this skin condition can manifest is by fungus (aka fungal folliculitis) and the most common type is that from yeast (which also lives on your skin). A carbuncle is a cluster of boils and the worsened form of folliculitis, and it can be as painful as acne cysts.


Contact dermatitis

Buttne can show up as an allergic reaction from irritants, like scented laundry detergents, fabric softeners or even from disposable wipes. Aside from these, your peach may also get irritated by the clothes you wear, especially if you’re fond of athleisure. Modern and functional as it is, tight-fitting clothes worn for hours on-end won’t allow your skin to breathe, allowing the buildup of bacteria and fungus in your rear, then in addition to skin-to-fabric friction, may cause irritation.

Keratosis pilaris

This skin condition might just be the mildest form of butt pimples among the three. Keratosis pilaris happens when there’s a buildup of keratin and dead skin that are clogging your pores, making them look dark, almost like acne marks. These also appear red or brown, rough and bumpy, which is why the more colloquial term for this is “chicken skin”

How can you avoid getting butt acne?

Wear breathable clothes.

Take a break from your cute compression leggings or skinny jeans and put on a midi skirt, palazzo pants, linen shorts for a change. This can prevent bacteria or fungi from rubbing against your skin and being pushed down into your pores, which can lead to an infection.


Shower immediately after a workout.

If you don’t change out of your workout clothes and take a shower right after hitting the gym, what you’re basically doing is stewing in your own sweat and creating a breeding ground for bacteria. If you don’t take a quick shower (or even wipe down) and change your outfit after a workout, you’re letting your sweat dry up around your pores—and you already know what happens next.

Use hypoallergenic laundry products.

In case you’re suspecting that your detergent, fabric softener, or dryer sheets are causing your butt pimples, look for hypoallergenic alternatives to prevent and future breakouts. FYI, dryer sheets can leave microscopic fibers on your underwear, so if you have sensitive skin, it may be your best bet to leave them out of your laundry.

Clean your rear gently.

The common misconception with using a physical exfoliant like a loofah or a scrub on pimples is that it can instantly make your skin feel smoother, when in reality, it can actually worsen the inflammation. As long as your buttne isn’t irritated or painful, gently scrub or rinse with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid (or a combination of both) for bacterial acne, or use an antifungal soap if it’s a fungal infection.


Which skincare products can help treat butt acne?

Based from users in our GirlTalk forum, here are some tried-and-tested skincare products to get rid of booty bumps and keep them from coming back:

VMV Hypoallergenics ID Clarifying Soap Exfoliating Body Cleanser

P410, available online

Formulated with salicylic acid, this can help clear up pimples, treat chicken skin and other skin bumps, including your annoying butt pimples. It also has apricot kernels to help gently scrub away dead skin and make your skin feel smooth and refreshed.


St. Ives Acne Control Apricot Scrub

P339, available online

This skincare staple is popular for its walnut shell powder which acts as the physical exfoliant of the scrub. With its two percent salicylic acid formula, it deeply scrubs your skin to help reduce breakouts and prevent future pimples from showing up.



Bio Oil

P520, available online

If you’re left with buttne scars from your past vigorous attempts at getting rid of pimples, Bio Oil might just help lighten those marks. It’s more commonly used in treating stretch marks, which is why it’s loved by pregnant and postpartum moms, but you can benefit from its lightening effect on your acne scars as well. 


Maxi Peel Micro-Exfoliant Soap

P59, available online

Many GirlTalk users recommended Maxi Peel for its anti-acne and smoothening properties. Their Micro-Exfoliant Soap can be used to prevent breakouts on your face, back, shoulders, chest, and now, your peach, too!

Mink Intimate Care I Am Booty-ful

P499, available online


The local brand is slowly earning its name in skincare, particularly, in the niche market of intimate care. Their I Am Booty-ful fruity scrub specifically targets butt bumps and acne using the natural wonders of Dead Sea and Himalayan salt as the main exfoliants, glycolic acid, and glycerin for lightening ingredients, and marine collagen help your booty get that extra oomph.


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