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Always having to deal with hair that's easily tangled can be very tiring and frustrating. Whether it's because your strands are thin and easily get knotted when styled, or you have curly hair that seems to have moods, taming and unfurling unruly locks isn't something that you'd want to make a habit of.


Aside from getting treatments to maintain the health of your scalp, one solution to this issue is to find the best hair brush that suits the needs of your tresses. Don't just pick anything with bristles with a puwede-na-'yan attitude"actually take time to think about what you use on your head, because in the long run, you'll actually benefit from healthy, obedient hair.

The first thing you need to do is to know the tools of the trade:

What are the common kinds of hair brushes?

Different brushes have different uses. They're not shaped the way they are just because of aesthetics; they look the way they do to serve a specific purpose, so choose your tools well.

Round brush

How many times have you knotted your hair with this brush as a child that your mother had to bathe your scalp with coconut oil only to cut your hair in the end? While this brush seems to have many horror stories to back it up, it's only because it's often not used for its intended prupose: You don't use round brushes to smoothen your hair, but to add lift, volume, and a bit of curl. If you have an issue with tangles then this definitely isn't the brush you should use.

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Vented brush

A vented brush is one that has huge holes on its head, and is probably one of the most common brushes you'll find in department stores. It's used to help dry your hair faster after you've detangled the strands.

Classic styling brush

If you're familiar with the iconic Denman brush, then you know what a classic styling brush is. This kind of tool is good for any length, but is best for those with short to medium lengths. 

Paddle brush

Paddle brushes are usually wide, which allows its bristles to go through a bigger surface area, for gentle brushing. It's one kind that can actually help with tangles, as well as for taming baby hairs. It's actually recommended for thick tresses, as its bristles easily cut through the strands.

Detangling brush

While paddle brushes can actually detangle, you'd want to get something that's really for the sole purpose of unknotting your tresses. A detangling brush has well-spaced bristles that gently bend and weave through your strands to help unravel gnarls. If possible, always have one of these at home, then you can choose another go-to brush for your everyday styling.


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What are the best detangling brushes?

There are a lot of options in the market, but you'll want to pick tried-and-tested brands, especially if you have high-maintenance or really curly hair. Here are a few that have had great reviews.

Tangle Teezer The Original Hair Brush


Considered one of the best detangling brushes in the market, Tangle Teezer gently undoes knots and reduces breakage. Its claim to fame is that it detangles without the pain, plus it's pretty compact that you can take it wherever you go. One review, however, says that it doesn't distrubute oil from your scalp to the tips of your hair, so you may want to have another brush for that if you're stationed in cooler climates and it's an issue for you.


Denman Tangle Tamer D-90

P835, Beauty Bar

Denman was a brand developed in the 1930s by John Denman Dean, who wanted to help his sister with her curly hair. Now, it's used by professionals all over the world, and considered one of the best when dealing with unruly or easily tangled hair. 

The Tangle Tamer D-90 is actually marketed to kids, but who says your 30-something self can't use it? It has soft, nylon bristles that can glide through—not lock on—unwanted knots.


Tangle Angel

P779 (from P1,298), BeautyMNL

A great addition to your vanity table (the angel wings add to the aesthetic, after all), Tangle Angel doesn't only detangle your tresses, but it also claims to have anti-bacterial properties to keep your brush from getting grimy after multiple uses. Bonus: its bristles are soft but firm enough to give your scalp a quick massage every time you brush.


Wet Brush

P699, Watsons 

This is a brush you can use as soon as you get out of the shower. Wet brush is perfect for those with wavy hair—natural or permed—because it really works wonders especially while your tresses are wet. And if it does hit a snag, you'll only need to run it over a couple of times so get your strands free, which means less hair fall for you.


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Tips to help lessen tangles

Don't let your brush do all the work. Here are a few ways you can lessen the chance of getting your tresses knotted and tangled:

Start detangling in the shower

This is especially true if you have curly hair. Before you even lather in your shampoo, start untangling your strands with your fingers or your brush. This way, it'll be easier for you to brush through your hair after your bath.

Condition your hair regularly

Using conditioner smoothens out even the dryest of strands, making them less likely to form knots.

Start from the tips, not the roots

Never brush down and force a knot free. Always start with the tangled area and gently work through it before moving upwards to your scalp.

If needed, use hair masks and oils

A dry scalp may not be producing enough oil to keep your tresses smooth. You can ask your stylist for the best moisturizing treatment and product to hydrate it. You can also do it on your own by buying hair masks which you can apply weekly. Or if you want to do it the way your mom did it, buy a bottle of virgin coconut oil. Rub the oil on your scalp and slather it all the way to the tips of your hair. Let it sit for fifteen to 30 minutes before showering it off. You'll get softer tresses that are less prone to tangling.


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