If you could crown your favorite women—from the BFF whom you share all your secrets with to the mother figure who knows exactly how to cheer you up—what would their beauty queen titles be? We rounded up some of our favorites below!

1. Miss Congeniality

She was the first person you met in college and remains one of your closest friends to this day.

2. Miss Pick-Me-Upper

Nothing gets her down. Every time you’re having a bad day, you go directly to her because you know she can get you out of your funk.

3. Miss Lucky in Love

This is the woman who doesn’t just have the best boyfriend, but also gives the best relationship advice. Stick with her long enough, and some of her luck just might rub off on you.

4. Miss Hugot Queen

Whether she’s talking about her love life or work, her words always seem to resonate with you.

5. Miss Achiever

This is the person in your life who inspires you to strive for greater things. She’s the one who constantly pushes you to be the best version of yourself by being the ultimate #lifepeg. 

6. Most Supportive Friend

When you’re with her, you feel like you can do anything!

7. Most Epic Life Story

She was adopted at birth, but 10 years later, she accidentally met her father, who turned out to be a billionaire. Or she met her first love in high school, but their families turned out to be enemies, and so they had to break up, but they eventually found their way back to each other.

8. Most Crushable BFF

Beauty and brains—this friend has it all. No wonder all the guys are falling for her. 

9. My Favorite Tita

Whether she’s an actual tita or just a tita of Manila, you know you can always count on her to join you for a round of bargain hunting at Tutuban.

10. Best Mom In The World

She’s been looking out for you since Day 1. You can’t beat that. Are any of these women familiar? Let them know just how much you appreciate them by telling the whole world how special they are. Share these memes and tag all of the beautiful women in your life on Facebook (and maybe someone else will tag you in return). Want to take the love to Twitter? Give them the crown and sash they truly deserve by using #WearTheCrown stickers!

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