If there’s one essential hairstyling skill every woman needs to master, it would be knowing how to give yourself beach waves. This effortless look works for practically every occasion—not to mention how it’s basically the “no-makeup” makeup look for hair. If you're to ask Google for advice though, the search results would typically tell you to use heat–flat irons, curling irons, and hot rollers are by far the most commonly suggested tools. But don't fret! If you’d rather not subject your locks to high temperatures, here are five alternate methods for achieving your dream waves, heatless:

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1. Overnight braids

To save time in the morning, you can prep your locks straight after your night time shower. Towel dry your hair first, to the point where it's no longer dripping wet and just damp, and then split it into two sections as if you were doing a pigtail. Celebrity hairstylist Mycke Arcano suggests braiding each section starting from the temple so you get an even wave from the roots to your ends. Secure the braid with an elastic, and to prevent it from moving while you sleep, pin the ends above your forehead! When you wake up, untie the braids and brush out your tresses until you achieve the loose waves you want!

2. Two-hour braids

If you're working with dry hair, the trick above can also work for you with a few adjustments. According to Mycke, you should first spritz either water or your favorite hair mist to prep your hair and mimic the texture of freshly-washed tresses. Avoid applying anything that'll fight the wave like oily serums and leave in-conditioner.


For tighter curls, opt for twin braids. For a loose and undone look, a single plait would do! Leave this on for at least two hours before brushing them out.

3. Rollers

This may not be the freshest trick in the world, but we can't deny that it works like a charm. All you really have to do is gather small sections of your hair on big hair rollers and leave them on for as long you can. Unlike a braid, it's not the best one to leave on while you're out and about, so this is best done overnight! 


4. Twist and Pin

Not the best at braiding? Vanessa Hong's twist and pin technique is your next best bet. To do this, twist small sections of your hair away from your face and set the twist on your crown with a hair clip. Repeat this until you've twisted all your locks and let them rest for a few hours. When you're ready, unclasp your pins and shake out your waves!


5. Sea Salt Scrunch

For those who already have wavy hair but want to define them without heat, a thorough misting of sea salt spray or texturizing spray will give you the extra volume you need. Start spraying around an inch away from your roots, and using your hands, scrunch and pinch to give it more texture.


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