Before you go all out in proclaiming “long hair, don’t care,” is your new mantra, better stop to consider the consequences of this phrase when it comes to your tresses. Haircare and maintenance is something you shouldn’t take lightly, especially when you are rocking locks that could give Rapunzel a run for her money.

With the effort spent growing out your mane, taking proper care of it and keeping it from being subjected to stress and damage is only natural.
Like many hair related info, having the right combination of technique and product can definitely help in maintaining a healthy and shiny head of hair. Of course, it doesn't hurt to also be educated on what you shouldn't be doing to keep it from getting fried. Below, we list down the bad habits that damage your locks.

You go overboard with hairspray.

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Your instinct is to use more product since there is a lot of area to cover. However, this does not always necessarily apply. Less is oftentimes the way to go. Using a large amount of extra strength hairspray can lead to breakage and dryness, so for daily use, go for an light hold hairspray instead. This ensures enough hold while keeping your style locked in without producing hair so stiff it can rival Darth Vader’s helmet.

You use too much conditioner.
Again, less is more! Dumping too much conditioner will cause oiliness starting from the roots. You end up weighing down your hair and making it virtually difficult to style. Furthermore, you clog up follicles that can result to various scalp problems and skin breakouts. Use small amounts of quality deep conditioning product. Opt for conditioners that contain castor oil to get that much needed conditioning treatment.

You go crazy on backcombing.


Easy on the teasing, this isn’t the '80s anymore. Major damage, according to stylists, have been a result of over-teasing. When you repetitively comb over your hair, you agitate the scalp thus bringing up undated flaking to the top layer. Those back strokes also cause friction, ending in broken strands. Instead of reaching for that fine-toothed comb, substitute with a lightweight volumizing spray rich in protein. You get the needed texture and body without harming your roots or scalp.

You abuse wet hair.

Rather than hastily combing through wet tresses for an updo, opt for a blow dryer or diffuser specifically designed to for speeding up the drying process. Select a lightweight, under 2,000 watt tool that comes with a cool temperature setting and a concentrator attachment. These specs are vital if you want to decrease the chances of hair damage. Even better if you can pick up a dryer with a folding handle, making it perfect for travel.

You still like cotton pillowcases.
Ditch the cotton pillowcase for a satin or silk. Although a bit pricier, satin and silk do not induce frizzing that leads to major dryness in your hair. Because of the satiny surface, your crowning glory simply glides on the fabric with zero friction. You protect the hair shaft so they stay smooth and healthy.

You hate haircuts.
Getting a monthly trim is a necessity if you want to inhibit hair growth. If you are afraid of the stylist getting snip-happy, and you are confident you can trim your own hair then by all means make it a monthly routine. However, DO NOT use scissors that aren't specifically designed for cutting hair. Professional shears provide a comfortable grip that will result in a better cut.

You don't wash your hair after a swim.


Summer season means a lot of time in the water. After swimming, always rinse off chlorine water as it not only leaves a funky scent but it also depletes the level of moisture in your hair. Use a keratin-infused conditioner which is paraben-free to help wash out the chemical and restore needed proteins.

You love tight ponytails.
Working out with a snugly pulled ponytail will cause tension too your roots. Sweat build-up inside the hat also results in clogging up pores. Go for a french braid or tie up with elastics that are snag-free. No hair dents and no damage.


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