Oily skin has a bad rep because it can be challenging to handle: You need to fight  zits, shine, and large pores every day. To keep everything under control, here are ways to love and care for your oily skin.

1. Choose your facial wash wisely.
While we love the squeaky clean feel of a freshly-washed face, regular use of harsh foam cleansers can strip off your skin's natural moisture. This leads to dehydrated skin, signaling your oil glands to produce more slick. Also, parched skin due to strong cleansers can result in inflammation—zits! We recommend using a foaming facial wash with tea tree extract or vitamin C to gently lift away debris and control oil production without sucking the life out of your complexion.

2. Hydrate properly.
As explained earlier, even oily skin can get thirsty when you sweat. It's vital to bring back lost moisture to keep your skin from producing more oil. There are lightweight gel moisturizers that can supply hydration without adding grease.

3. Maintain proper pH balance.
Resilient skin calls for a balanced pH of 5.5. To be at this optimum level, you must refine your complexion with toner. Stay away from formulas with alcohol because this will dry up and irritate your skin. Kill zits, control oil production, and expunge gunk out your pores with toners with salycylic acid or tea tree extract.

4. Exfoliate every week.
Renewing skin will liberate your pores from clogging, resulting to breakout-free, glowing skin. 

5. Learn to love oils.
Don't worry, girl! Face oils won't make your face any oilier. In fact, face oils do an awesome job of restoring moisture balance in your skin. Some oily skin-approved picks are tea tree oil, Vitamin E oil, and jojoba oil.

6. Retouch with care.
Do you immediately powder up your face once you spot a shiny area? While this step mattifies it ASAP, you're actually trapping oil and dirt underneath the powder. The result? Potential breakouts! Before patting on powder, wipe off the sheen with oil-control sheets. 

7. Don't pop zits.
We know it's tempting to squeeze them, but doing so will just spread bacteria and lead to scarring. There are many ways to zap them, but if you want fast results, dab hydrocortisone cream to calm the redness and minimize the bump overnight. Try Skin House's Anti-inflammatory Cream (P300, Pioneer Center) for speedy healing.

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