Whether it is a musical ability, math skill, a special interest, or amazingly flawless complexion, not everybody is lucky enough to be born with it. Truth is, even those who are fortunate enough to be blessed with these characteristics still need to put a bit of effort to sustain it. You would be surprised to learn that even girls with envious clean, dewy, and magnificently healthy skin have a few secrets up their sleeves. We happen to have the scoop on some simple skincare rules that could prove be a major complexion routine game changer.

You are what yo eat AND drink
The stuff we eat can result to serious skin problems. Such is the case with some people who breakout when consuming oily food, chocolate, gluten, etc. This is common knowledge but did you ever stop to think that some drinks can also ruin your complexion? Skin dehydration resulting in an older appearance is often caused by excessive and heavy consumption of alcohol. Better put down that nth cocktail and start loading up on aqua if you want to get perfect skin.

Keep it clean
Besides cleansing your face properly it is also, we repeat, also crucial to keep stuff that your face comes into contact with on a daily basis, clean. How often are you on your phone? How clean are your hands when you rub your cheek or scratch your skin? When was the last time you changed your pillowcase and sheets? Is your towel freshly washed? These are just some of the things that your face comes into contact with on every day. Launder your sheets weekly and don't skimp on antibacterial wipes when cleansing or taking off makeup.

Get enough shut-eye
Skin restoration happens when you sleep. The same goes for refreshing your mind and body. Since a lot of our organs regenerate and go to work while we sleep, getting a good eight hours in, ensures they are able to do their job properly.

Live by a skincare regimen
Clearly, there’s tons of fluff on the internet telling you how to best care for your skin. Surely, everyone knows to wash and moisturize their skin both day and night, but knowing how and when to correctly layer skincare products is another matter. For many it can seem complicated and daunting, which it shouldn't be coz it is actually really easy. Start with serum, followed by a treatment product, moisturize, and then add your SPF last during the day, otherwise you can skip that last step if you are headed for bed. Here's a more in-depth guide on the proper skincare regimen schedule.

Sun protection
You should know by now that SPF is a must. If you don’t, well… shame on your pores! The harmful effects of the sun’s rays can reach you even when indoors. Aside from slathering on some sunscreen, wearing sunglasses can act as a barrier to protect your eyes and the surrounding area from harmful rays that results in visible age lines.

The power of a quick shower
Many people like long hot showers but did you know that making it in and out of the shower quickly not only saves water but also saves your skin? Going for warm quick showers instead of a hot bath can ensure that your skin retains moisture thus leaving it nice and healthy after each rinse. While you're at it, make it a shower habit to wash your face last. This is to wash away any shampoo or conditioner residue that could have made its way to your face.


PHOTO: Pixabay

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