Technological advancements have made many of our daily activities faster and more convenient to accomplish. Despite its many benefits, technology can in fact have repercussions to our skin. While many of us are glued to our devices 24/7, we fail to realize its damaging effects until it’s too late. Those dark circles around our eyes from staring too long at our smartphones and tablets, the poor posture from trying to watch from minute laptop screens, these are just some of the nasty effects tech has on our health and wellbeing. Unfortunately it does not end there, according to studies these much loved tech goodies are actually causing harm to our skin as well. ONOEZ!

Offender: keyboards
Keyboards rank high on the filthy-germ- carrying meter. Fingertips are naturally covered with oils thus, protecting them from surrounding conditions. According to research, touching dirty items or surfaces including your keyboard is a big NO. In fact touching your fingers to your face should not be practiced at all because breakouts are a result of the inherent oils found in them. Keep those digits far from your face if you want to avoid blemishes.


Offender: gadget screens
Be it our computer screen, tablet, or mobile phone display, many people have noticed a constant frowning and squinting action whilst starting into their devices. These facial movements and muscle reactions have been known to cause wrinkling which will in turn require Botox to fix. Doctors suggest, refraining from making any frowning facial responses whilst reading. Allot at least thirty minutes to either divert your eyes away from your screen and to do some facial exercises or wake up those dozing legs with a bit of stretching.

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Offender: activity trackers
Designed to track activities to promote better health, FitBits and other similar pieces of technology are often neglected when it comes to cleaning. The same can be said for pieces of jewelry such as engagement or wedding bands that are snugly in place 24/7. Nooks and crannies can harbor bacteria and dirt or can trap microorganisms and dirt on the dermis which not only results to pimples but irritant and contact dermatitis as well. Scaling, redness, rashes, and constant itching will be present and will require dermatological treatment.


Offender: headphones
Just like your germy phone can cause skin problems, as it turns out so do your headphones. Through rubbing and contact, headphones can prove to be dermis irritants. Constant contact or application of anything dirty will inhibit the growth of bacteria. This can be in the form of your phone, blanket, towel, pillowcase, and even your bf {but thats a discussion for a different time}.

Offender: Netflix
WHUT?! Yeah, hanging on the couch glued to the telly for long periods of time without moving results to butt and back acne. Like your small computer screens, LCDs and TV monitors produce light that causes our eyes to work harder and focus differently, we already know that this leads to squinting and of course wrinkles. Even surprisingly, studies have indicated that being seated for too long can cause wrinkles on your behind and back! Try to keep your viewing habits to a minimum or at least schedule some breaks to stretch or refill your glass of grapes in between marathon sessions in front of the telly.


PHOTO: Instagram @saabmagalona

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