Ever noticed how a swipe of color on your cheeks instantly turns a tired and washed out appearance into a bright and cheery one? Achieving a fresh-faced look is easily done with one of the most basic makeup items in your kit, the blush. Nothing pulls together an entire beauty look than blush does with that added pop of color.

On the other hand, a couple of incorrect sweeps can turn your frown upside down with a face that can rival circus clowns. Unless you are planning to join them, cheeks with harsh, red swatches that can be visible a mile a way is never a good look. We have therefore made it our business to compile the most common blush application misdemeanors as well as tips to keep you from falling victim to these blunders.

1. Clown cheeks
When it comes to blush application, it’s very easy to overdo it. Going from nicely flushed to looking hot and bothered can happen with just a few swipes. Always keep in mind that it is more difficult to take away product than it is to add more. It's best to build up the pigment on your cheeks by applying tiny amounts gradually until you get the desired healthy flush.

2. Incorrect formula selection
No longer do we have to settle for just powder blush. There are in fact three formulations to choose from, each one can be beneficial depending on your needs.

Powder generally come as pressed compacts, this type of blush will work for all skin types. Cheek stains are known to be a little bit trickier to apply. Blending needs to be done quickly otherwise you end up with streaks or dots stained into your cheeks. On the plus side, these babies are the most long lasting of all blush types and are the most natural looking of the bunch. Cream blushes are often found in small pots these are the perfect choice for those who are prone to dry skin.

3. Too high or too low blush placement
There are several things to remember when applying blush. First, the stroke shouldn't be too high up that it is working its way past the temples and your hairline. Second, proper color depth is also important. A heavy handed application on the top part must also be avoided. Lastly, an application that is too low is not ideal either—your face will appear sagged and tired. Stick to the apples of your cheeks for optimal results.

4. Forgetting to blend
Ending up with two perfect circles right smack in the middle of your cheeks is a look best reserved if you are dressing up as doll. The key to achieving natural-looking rosy cheeks is to diffuse the blush pigments properly. Begin with a smile, the apples of your cheeks should be where you apply the product. From there, sweep upwards, following your cheekbones and towards the direction of your temples. To get your blending on point, use a sponge to get that natural flush.

5. Selecting an unflattering shade
In truth, there are certain blush shades that are more flattering on certain skin tones. Some bit of experimenting could be beneficial for you to find the shade that matches or compliments your skin the most. Here is a quick rundown of shades that are found to flatter specific skin tones:

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• Fair: baby pink or pale blushes on lighter skin is a good match

Try: Etude House Berry Blusher in #2, at SM Megamall.

• Medium: coral hues and peachy shades are best for medium skin tones

Try: TheBalm Hot Mama Blush, P775, at Beauty Bar branches.

• Dark: deep rose or berry shades are perfect on gorgeous dark skin.

Try: Bobbi Brown Blush Duo in Plum French Pink, P2,900, at SM Aura.

6. Using the wrong tools
It doesn’t take a genius to know that using the wrong tools will result in a look that is far from what you had in mind. Not only will you be wasting product on a brush that is too big, you are also wasting time trying to get the look right. In the end, you resort to redoing your makeup. Medium-sized, natural hair bristle brushes work best with powder blushes. On the other hand, our fingertips can be the best tools when applying stains and cream-based blushes.


SCREENCAP: Youtube TheMakeupChair

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