Everyone has bad hair days, but if you experience them way too often, then you need to take action. Here are five tell-tale signs your hair is actually damaged. 

1. Your hair lacks elasticity.
Find out how healthy your hair is by doing the strand test: Take a strand of hair and stretch it after wetting; if it breaks easily, your hair probably lacks moisture.

2. You have split ends.
When the ends of your hair start splitting into two or three, your hair may be damaged. Split ends are caused by over-styling (perming, straightening, curling) because they suck the natural moisture from your strands, making them dry and brittle. 

3. You shed more hair strands than you should.
Do you notice clumps of hair on your car seat or the bathroom floor? While it’s normal to shed between 50 to 100 strands of hair a day, increased hair fall is a sign that you need to take better care of your hair.

4. You always have a difficult time detangling it.
When running your fingers through your hair becomes close to impossible, you may need to do a hair check. FYI, split ends and frizz make it easier for your hair to form knots.

Don't ignore your hair's cries for help! When your strands are brittle and dry, they will start to fall or break. Whether that’s due to heat-styling or too-tight ponytails, you should do something about it.

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with DOVE.