Your life in your 30s is one of the most rewarding phases in your life: you make great strides at work, you become more financially stable, you get to make better decisions. But while you’re busy with your success, you might be forgetting about your personal care, most especially when it comes to your skin.

Your skin undergo some changes--from complexion to elasticity--as you age. Here are some that you will experience:

1. Your skin isn't at soft as it had been before.

You may notice some slight change on how your skin feels once you hit the big 3-0. The skin makes new skin cells in our 20s but cell turnover starts to slow down in your 30s. This causes skin to go dull, dry, and flaky. 

2. Your skin starts getting drier than usual. 

Aging makes the skin look and feel dry especially when you slack off in making skincare a religious habit in your early 20s. Adding up to that, your thyroid function naturally peters out, thus making your skin look leathery and crackling.

3. Small brown patches appear on your skin.

Most women see patches of brown spots growing across their body especially in their hands and face. These are caused by hormonal changes, which in turn affect the skin's melanin pigment production. You’re more vulnerable to the sun at this age compared to when you were younger, so if you're still not using sunblock, take this as your cue to start now.

4. Your hands may look older than you actually are. 

You may notice some hyperpigmentation on your hands, while some women see a freckle or two there instead. They say your hands can show how old you really are, but they can actually add years to your age if you don't take care of them properly. 

When you start seeing these signs, it’s time for you to step up your skincare regimen. Why not add NIVEA Extra White Body Serum in your daily regimen? This product helps whiten, protect, and restore skin so it can cover all the problems mentioned above. The serum is formulated with SPF33 for your needed sun protection against advanced UV rays, 95 percent Vitamin C for noticeably fairer skin, and coenzyme 10 for repairing skin cell damage. Trust us, you will thank yourself for starting now somewhere down the line.


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