Now that you've hit the big 3-0, your beauty needs have changed. Apart from addressing special skincare needs (anti-aging is the only way to go), you're expected to have developed better primping and prettifying skills. Read on to find out everything you need to master in the realm of beauty.


Protecting your face from the sun
Be wary of the dangers of sun exposure, and why everybody should wear sunscreen every day.

2. Your nighttime routine
Be well-informed of what a proper nightly skin regimen is.

3. Face washing
Learn the right way to wash your face. You may also try incorporating this beauty tool you already own for a cleaner face.

4. Makeup removal
Be aware of the ugly things that will happen when you neglect removing your makeup.

5. Perfecting your 5-minute skin ritual
Running out of time? Try this shortcut skin care regimen.

6. Recognizing your skin's other needs
Be familiar with the importance of serums and face masks.

7. Applying eye cream
Know the importance of eye cream and how to apply it properly.

8. Exfoliating
Exercise your right to exfoliation.

9. Scheduling facials
Acquire the habit of getting facials once a month.

10. Keeping your skin supple
Learn the importance of hydration even for oily skin.

11. Managing oily skin
Accept the special attention oily skin needs.

12. Pore reduction
Manage and minimize the appearance of pores.

13. Stress management
Be an expert in hiding signs of stress.

14. Faking eight-hour sleep
Look awake in seconds.

15. Reducing redness and puffiness
Mask signs that you've just cried.

16. Putting on happy makeup
Look glowing while mending a broken heart.

17. Finding your perfect shade
Find the right type and shade of foundation.

18. Applying foundation
Don't look like you have a mask on.

19. Getting ready in the morning fast
Look presentable in under 10 minutes.

20. Picking the right tools for your makeup
Be familiar with the types of makeup brushes and the function of each.

21. Applying eyeshadow
Know the basics of adding color to your lids.

22. Doing glam makeup
Create smokey eyes without looking like a raccoon.

23. Scoring your best brows
Perfect your arches.

24. Keeping your lippie on
Strengthen your lipstick's staying power.

25. Hair washing
Comprehend the rules of washing your hair.

26. Elimiating frizz
Without weighing your down.

27. Doing aftercare for processed hair
Give TLC to colored and bleached hair.

28. Taming your curls
Manage curly hair once and for all.

29. Styling short hair
Without looking like a tita.

30. Hiding a bad haircut
Do emergency fixes on a haircut you hate.

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PHOTO: Flickr Creative Commons/Kris Kesiak

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